Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability: General

Legitimacy perspective in sustainability reporting of the Swedish property and construction marketUlrica Altenborg,
Xiaoming Lu,
Anna Yelistratova
Leverage Points for Broader Diffusion of the FSSDIrena Efremovska,
Sijme Geurts,
Scott Perret
Leverage Points for Effective Cross-Sector Collaboration in Eco-municipalities: Looking at Eindhoven Case StudyMaaike Madelon Boumans,
Xiaojing Fei,
Silvia Martín
Leveraging a More Sustainable Global Agricultural System: Improving Multinational Organizations' Capacities to Procure Eric Bragg,
Kyla Krogseng,
Christiane Schwaller
Measuring Success: Indicators for Strategic Approaches to Sustainable Community PlanningAlaya Boisvert,
Sarah Cheevers,
Erin Romanchuk,
Karen Stroebel
Meeting the Challenge of Social Sustainability: governance for profound changeOlers Marie Ericksson,
Geneva Rae,
Julia Smolyaninova
Mind the Gap! Strategically Driving GRI Reporting Towards SustainabilityEdwin Janssen,
Selene Kfoury,
Rutger Verkouw
Moving Towards Sustainable Community Renewable Energy: A Strategic Approach for CommunitiesLeigh Greenius,
Elsa Jagniecki,
Kati Thompson
Nature Inspired Guidelines to Effectively Communicate Sustainability MessagesAndrea J. Altmann,
Maya Givon,
Heather A. Shand
Neighbourhood Hubs: Engaging Communities for SustainabilityCharlotte Gurr,
Adrienne McCurdy,
Sarah Rose Robert
Non-Financial Disclosure and Strategic Planning: Sustainability Reporting for Good Corporate GovernanceRonan Chester,
Jennifer Woofter
Opportunities for Global Sustainability (Global ABCD)Josephine Brennan,
Susan Garrett,
Mike Purcell
Organizational Networks as Catalysts for Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentMolly Doyle,
Dermot Hikisch,
Shawn Westcott
P2P Carsharing Service Design: Informing User Experience DevelopmentAaron Lewis,
Mark Simmons
Personal Rapid Transit systems for reduction in car dependence Karlskrona case studyRose Lichtenberg,
Patricia Guimarães,
Heleen Podsedkowska
Planning for a Sustainable Nexus of Urban Land Use, Transport and EnergyAntoine Belaieff,
Gloria Moy,
Jack Rosebro
Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage to Facilitate a Transition towards Sustainability - A Case Study of Tibet's Tourism IndustryBingbing Pan,
Yanni Shizhou,
Carl Crone
Principles-Based Comparison Framework for Renewable Electricity OptionsAnna Jonasson,
Ben Kneppers,
Brendan Moore
Product Service System: Co-Designing for Social ImpactSabine Mukaze,
Denny Carolina Villamil Velásquez
Regional Cooperation for Strategic Sustainable Development: A case study of BlekingeCollins Nwakanma Amanze,
Emma Eriksson
Religion & Sustainability: The Contribution of Religious Belief in Moving Society Towards SustainabilityMischa Altmann,
Aniko Bunta,
Olivier Mazimpaka
Resource Consumption of Additive Manufacturing TechnologyNanond Nopparat,
Babak Kianian
Re:RegionalSanna Alm,
Ylva Hedin
Rock On! : Bringing strategic sustainable development to music festivalsSarah Brooks,
Dan O'Halloran,
Alexandre Magnin
Scaling-up Impact: Knowledge-based Organizations Working Toward Sustainability David Adema,
Sara Blenkhorn,
Sarah Houseman
Small Island Developing States: Using the MSI for Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentGabriela Boscio,
Natalie Mebane,
Xavier Koenig
Social Actions of Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentAnthony Guido,
Hamideh Farzaneh,
JingJing Guo
Social Dimension of Sustainable Development: Guidance and Application Andre Benaim,
Amber Collins,
Luke Raftis
Social Responsibility Guidelines & Sustainable Development: Integrating a Common Goal of a Sustainable SocietyAnastasia Dewangga,
Simon Goldsmith,
Neil Pegram
Social Sustainability in Africa: The case of CameroonAyambe Bisong

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