Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Maskinteknik - Mechanical Engineering: Structural Mechanics

Influence of Mode Dependent Rayleigh Damping on Transient Stress Response Ganesh M Kandge
Intelligent system of Roxtec sealing productKai Wang,
Yiming Ni,
Zhimin Dai.
Investigation in the Simulation of the Human’s Heart Structure from the Mathematical PerspectiveEbrahim Amani
investigation of the table in the student labAnssaf Mohammed
Investigation on failure of a crusher disk in a mercury recovery deviceFarshad Shafieian
Konstruktion av hisslåsChristian Lundin,
Robert Dalstam
Land Sliding Analysis on Red Clay soil using Fracture CriteriaMohamed Riyazdeen Mavaday Guthbutheen,
Yisho ji,
Jin ji
Listening for TemperatureSafak Basaraner
Mapping the Brake Energy in Articulated Haulers Mandeep Singh Walia,
Gaurav Chopra
Mechanical Property Evaluation of Coconut FibreOluseun Bolarinwa,
Afa Waifielate
Mechanical System Simulation of Vibrating Tandem Roller with Split Drums Morgan Renderstedt,
Sebastian Thorgren
Meta Modeling of Transmission Error for Spur, Helical and Planetary Gears for Wind Turbine Application Muhammad Irfan
Modeling and Optimizing Ultra-fast Thomson-type Actuators for Electrical SwitchesMohammadali Honarpardaz
Modeling of pressure distribution of human body load on an office chair seatHao Zhu
Modelling and Simulation of a bridge interacting with a moving vehicle systemRui Duan,
Jingrui Yang
Modelling the Bouancy and Motion of a Submerged Body Ahmedelrayah Elrayah,
Hazzaa Osman,
Mohammad Fadaee
Non-Linear Characteristics of a Pendulum SystemWei Zongyuan,
Pir Aamir Ali Shah,
V.K.C Varma Rudraraju
Numerical Prediction of the Cracks Effect on the Square Origami TubeTianchen Feng
Numerical Simulation of the Curing Process of Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesAmir Haji Hosseini
Optimization and estimation routine for tuned mass damperChen Xiao Le
Optimum Design and Analysis of a Composite Drive Shaft for an AutomobileSanjay Gummadi,
Akula Jagdeesh Kumar
Output only Modal AnalysisEjaz Yousaf Turi
Parameter analysis of creep models of PP/CaCo3 nanocompositesHarikishan Mandalapu,
Sandeep Karanamsetty
Parameter Identification for Mechanical JointsSreenivasarao Manchu
Process Zone Analysis of a Thin Laminated CompositeMuddassar Sabir Mirza,
Syed Muqtader
Prospect of Friction Stir Welding in Automobile TWB Production as Alternative of Laser WeldingMohammed Hasan Shahriyar
Quality assurance of PVC by using Non-linear Acoustic TechniquesSamira Eskandarmianji
Rapid Load Path Design of Jet Engine Component using Knowledge Based EngineeringLoganathan Rajagopal
Rotor Dynamic Analysis of RM12 Jet Engine Rotor using ANSYSDeepak Srikrishnanivas
Setup of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) in Hypersonic FlowsMoazzam Anwar

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