Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence

Machine Translation, universal languages and DescartesBamdad Payvar
Measure-based Learning Algorithms: An Analysis of Back-propagated Neural NetworksFahad Khalid
Methods of Text Information Extraction in Digital VideosAnna Tarczyńska
Minimax Based Kalaha AIMarcus Östergren Göransson
Mobile Robot Navigation using Gaze Contingent Dynamic InterfaceZaheer Ahmed,
Aamir Shahzad
Multi-Agent-System till brädspelMarco Wahlström,
Jonas Karlsson
Multi-Agent Diplomacy - Tactical Planning using Cooperative Distributed Problem SolvingFredrik Håård
Multi Agent Systems and Web Services - Adaptive Workflow in E-Commerce Farash Roomi
Multiple and weighted Potential Fields in arena gamesHelena Staberg
Multiple Potential Fields in Quake 2 MultiplayerHector Villena Cazorla
Multistage neural networks for pattern recognitionMaciej Zieba
Navigating an AI-bot within Game-like Environments using Genetic AlgorithmsViktor Svensson
Neural Network on Compute Shader - Running and Training a Neural Network using GPGPUFredrik Åström
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy interpretation for protein modeling using computer vision and probabilistic graphical modelsPiotr Klukowski
Objects height estimation implementing an uncalibrated cameraLuis Alberto Garcia Moreno
On the concept of Understandability as a Property of Data mining QualityHiva Allahyari
On the Scalability of Four Multi-Agent Architectures for Load Control Management in Intelligent Networks Raheel Ahmad
Optimizing Genetic Algorithms for Time Critical ProblemsChristian Johansson,
Gustav Evertsson
Pathfinding with Hard Constraints: Mobile Systems and Real Time Strategy Games CombinedSamuel Erdtman,
Johan Fylling
Pattern Acquisition Methods for Information Extraction SystemsMichał Marcińczuk
Peer to Peer Based Live Streaming Applications on Cellular NetworkAnanth Korlimarla
Performance Comparison of AI Algorithms - Anytime AlgorithmsRehman Butt
Performance Comparison of AI Algorithms - Anytime AlgorithmsRehman Butt
Performance study of security mechanism for mobile agent domainManoj Kumar Kolli,
Srikanth Reddy Arimanda
Predicting Friendship Levels in Online Social NetworksWaqar Ahmad,
Asim Riaz
Prevention of Spyware by Runtime Classiication of End User License Agreements Muhammad Usman Rashid,
Balakrishna Garapati
Reinforcement Learning AI till FightingspelRichard Borgstrand,
Patrik Servin
Runtime Analysis of MalwareMuhammad Shahid Iqbal,
Muhammad Sohail
Semantic Web Vision: survey of ontology mapping systems and evaluation of progressArshad Saleem
Sensor Fusion - Applying sensor fusion in a district heating substationJim Kangerud

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