Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Effects on Society

Trouble Ticket "Kommunikationen gav oss vind i seglen"Helena Andersson,
Anna Nilsson,
Johan Nilsson
Trust & Security issues in Mobile banking and its effect on CustomersMuhammad Bilal,
Ganesh Sankar
Usability assessment Method of the open source applications Case Study of OpenOffice.Org 3.0Syed Mehr Ali shah
Usability Evaluation of Cloud Based ApplicationChaudhry Muhammad Nadeem Faisal
Usability Evaluation of Digital Library BTH a case studyMuhammad Usman Ali,
Muhammad Aasim
Usability evaluation of e-learning applications, A case study of It’s Learning from a student’s perspectiveKashif Manzoor Qureshi,
Muhammad Irfan
Usability Evaluation of Web-based GIS Applications - A Comparative study of Google Maps and MapQuestZulfiqar Ali Khan,
Muhammad Adnan
Usability of a GNU/Linux Distribution from Novice User’s PerspectiveZahidul Alam
User Driven Innovation (Investigating the ways to involve users at local companies)Tabassum Riaz  &   Kamran Talib
User Driven Software Development in a Small Company Christina Hansson
User Experience Evaluation in Mobile IndustryAli Mansoor,
Zahid Mahboob
User Identification Roadmap towards 2020 - A study of personal identification challenges for ubiquitous computing worldShiva. Abdi Farzaneh Pour
Sai Krishna
Using today's technologies in tomorrow's contextsDaniel Stranne,
Magnus Eklund
Using your Smartphone as a Game Controller to your PCMarcus Löwegren,
Rikard Johansson
Virtuella Communities: Sociala faktorer i digitala miljöerBjörn Wessman,
Magnus Hallqvist
Visual and Analytical Support for Real-time Evaluation of Railway Traffic Re-scheduling Alternatives During DisturbancesArun Kumar Karthikeyan,
Praveen Kumar Mani
Willing Technology - Inheriting understanding and practice in an complex technological system of dialysis treatmentAstrid Selling Sjöberg
Öppen källkod och offentlig sektorCharlotte Kihlström,
Mattias Kihlström



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