Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: General

Berättande i datorbaserade rollspel - en empirisk och teoretisk designstudie om datorspelDaniel Lyrstedt,
Fredrik Gustavsson
Beslutstödssystem använt av experterFlorian Jila
Biometric methods and mobile access controlLinda Fransson,
Therese Jeansson
Biometrics Technology - Attitudes & influencing factors when trying to adopt this technology in Blekinge healthcareIrfan Iqbal,
Bilal Qadir 
BlueboatOla Nilsson,
Tedh Stjärnborg
Bluetooth and securityAlexander Pettersson,
Azlan Husin
Blum Blum Shub on the GPUMikael Olsson,
Niklas Gullberg
Building of a Stereo Camera SystemThom Persson
Can web-based statistic services be trusted?Sara Birkestedt,
Andreas Hansson
Cascaded Deferred RenderingMarcus Faleij,
Alexander Ivannikov
Case Study Of Mobile Internet User ExperienceWaqas Ali
Challenges and Recommendations in Software Product Transfers: Receiving Site’s PerspectiveWannee Norrakarnkorn
Challenges and Strategies in Mobile Phones Interface for elder peopleMuhammad Mehrban,
Muhammad Asif
Challenges with Incident Management - In Information TechnologyUlrika Isaksson,
Karin Kvarnström,
Malin Nilsson
Challenges with Incident Management - In Information TechnologyUlrika Isaksson,
Karin Kvarnström,
Malin Nilsson
Change Lab - Att arbeta med lärande förändringArto Valtonen
Children chatting- communication between two social settingsTiina Martinson
Choosing a technique for digital signatures from the customers' perspectiveJohanna Karlsson,
Per Samuelsson
Citizen Access to eHealth Services in County of BlekingeFarrukh Sahar,
Muhammad Asim
Cloud Computing - Trends and Performance IssuesAli Al-Refai,
Srinivasreddy Pandiri
Cloud Computing as a Tool to Secure and Manage Information Flow in Swedish Armed Forces Networks Muhammad Usman Ali
Cloud Computing Organizational Benefits: A Managerial concernVenkata Bhaskar Reddy Mandala,
Marepalli Sharat Chandra
Clustering of Image Search Results to Support Historical Document RecognitionJavier Espinosa
CMP Developer -A CASE Tool Supporting the Complete CMP Development ProcessJonas Claesson
Collaboration Between Children - working with the educational software Quest AtlantisCharlotte Collin,
Therese Olsson,
Sofie Persson
Collision Detection and Overtaking Using Artificial Potential Fields in Car Racing game TORCS using Multi-Agent based Architecture Muhammad Salman
ComAiDiMap - design for SOS operators handling 112 callsJenny Lundberg
Communication in SOS Alarm and the Possibility of EnhancementFredrik Andrén
Communication Risks and Best practices in Global Software DevelopmentAjmal Iqbal,
Syed Shahid Abbas
Comparative Analysis of Static Recovery Schemes for Distributed ComputingRashid Husain,
Syed Muhammad Husnain Kazmi

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