Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Networks and Communications

Evaluation of EAP-methodsPeter Lorentzen,
Johan Lindh
Evaluation of EAP Authentication Methods in Wired and Wireless NetworksTirumala Rao Kothaluru,
Mohamed Youshah Shameel Mecca
Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor NetworksMuhammad Ullah,
Waqar Ahmad
Evaluation of Smartphone Network Performance Hailay Tekelmariam,
Mekides Chane
Evaluation of the CSF FirewallAhmad Mudhar
Evaluation of the pre IEEE 802.11s RFC: Aspects of the Design and Implementation of the Mesh Station with RA-OLSR in the C-CoreEmineimo Kennedy Nwup,
Adesola Idris Akande
Evaluation of Video-on-Demand Streaming ServersGeorg Westin
Evalution of VOD by using MPLS network.Shafqat Rahim
Fault Tolerance in Mobile Agents: State-of-the-Art and ChallengesBassey Isong,
Eyaye Bekele
File-Based Delivery over LTE-Based MBMSRavichandran Sivawamy,
Geethanjali Soundappan
Frequency Hopping in LTE UplinkTariku Temesgen Mehari
Guidelines for the Deployment of Biometrics Technology in Blekinge Health Care System with the Focus on Human Perceptions and Cost FactorFalak Zeb,
Sajid Naseem
HAVECA-modellen - En metod för att fortlöpande säkra ett internt nätverk mot tredjepartRobert Karlsson,
Aron Rydquist
HTTP/1.1 performance from an embedded perspectiveHannes Persson,
Christian Toft
Hur hanterar institutioner en miljö med blandade Operativsystem?Kristian Holm,
Morgan Hallgren
I'm SALSA How are you?Emma Hessbo,
Ann-Sofie Hägg,
Anni Justad
Identifiering och analys av botnät med hjälp av aktiva säkerhetssystemPawel Mynarski,
Oscar Carlsson
Impact of Interference from Primary User on the Performance of Cognitive Radio NetworksMaarig Aregawi Hagos,
Marshed Mohamed
Impact of Node Mobility on the Voice Quality in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET)Sharup Barua & Ratan Chandra Mondal
Impact of Packet Losses on the Quality of Video StreamingOYEKANLU Emmanuel Adebomi,
JOHN Samson Mwela
Impact Of Transmission Patterns On One-Way Delay In 3G Networks Of SwedenVamsi Krishna,
Praveen Dasari
Implementation and evaluation of global router for Information-Centric NetworkingYogaraj Baskaravel
Implementation of Measurement Module For Seamless Vertical HandoverSelim Ickin
Implementation of OpenStack and CDMI data storage protocols based on existing web server and file system API.Faisal Ibne Mozher,
Askar Abdurazakov
Improvement of hardware basic testing - Identification and development of a scripted automation tool that will support hardware basic testingUlf Rask,
Pontus Mannestig
Improving Integrity Assurances of Log Entries From the Perspective of Intermittently Disconnected DevicesMarcus Andersson,
Alexander Nilsson
Improving QoE over IPTV using FEC and RetransmissionMunther Abualhana,
Ubaid Tariq
Improving the System Performance of High Altitude Platforms Serving Suburban AreasMd. Al-Mahadi Hasan,
Mainul Islam
Indoor Positioning using the Android PlatformSergio Mellado Delgado,
Alberto Díaz Velasco
Information Hiding - Steganografic Content in Streaming MediaPeter Bayer,
Henrik Widenfors

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