Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Software Engineering

Att sticka ut i mängden - En studie av tekniker för variation av instansierade modellerAlve Andersson
Aurora - Technology made to make things easierTobias Lehto
Autentisering i programvaruapplikationerRobin Martinsson,
William Rosenlund
Automated Debugging and Bug Fixing Solutions: A Systematic Literature Review and ClassificationHafiz Adnan shafiq,
Zaki Arshad
Automated Software Testing: A Study of the State of PracticeDudekula Mohammad Rafi,
Kiran Moses Katam Reddy
Automated Test Activity for SoftwareAnn-Chatrin Djurström,
Ewa Holgersson,
Isabell Jonsson
Automated testing in changeable systems -Techniques to support modificationsMarjaana Tienaho,
Jesus Barrio
Automated Theorem Proving - Resolution vs. TableauxAndreas Folkler
Automatic Waterjet Positioning Vision SystemDamian Dziak,
Bartosz Jachimczyk,
Tomasz Jagusiak
Automatiserad unit testningDaniel Sandberg
Automatiserad Verifiering av Grafiska Ritare och TranformationsutvinningAndreas Urbán
Balancing Dependability Quality Attributes for Increased Embedded Systems Dependability Saleh Al-Daajeh
Benefiting of improvements in Scrum project regarding web application - A Case study at T-Systems SwedenMarcus Olsson,
Lior Azouri
BESMART - a framework for shifting from BESpoke to MARkeT-driven requirements engineeringJonas Bergström,
Andreas Dahlqvist
BiosteelRickard Remelin
Bringing Usability into a community for the inner soulMattias Nerde,
Roger Ohlsson
Building of a Stereo Camera SystemThom Persson
Business Process Performance Measurement for Rollout SuccessMattias Axelsson,
Johan Sonesson
Shijith Kunneth Kesavan
Can web-based statistic services be trusted?Sara Birkestedt,
Andreas Hansson
Capturing Architectural Knowledge of Software Product LinesJose Antonio Mercado Herbas
Cascaded Deferred RenderingMarcus Faleij,
Alexander Ivannikov
Case Study on Requirements Communication in WTO-Regulated TendersRawand Hassan
Categorisation and formulation in risk management - Essential parts of a future Experience based Risk Management model within software engineeringPeter Nilsson,
Erik Ohlsson
Challenges and Mitigation Strategies in Global Software Maintenance Bayarbuyan Ulziit,
Zeeshan Akhtar Warraich
Challenges and Recommendations in Software Product Transfers: Receiving Site’s PerspectiveWannee Norrakarnkorn
Challenges and Solutions in Test Staff Relocations within a Software Consultancy CompanyDaniel Larsson
Challenges in understanding software requirements in agile based offshore developmentMuhammad Omair
Choosing between Git and Subversion - How does the choice affect software developers?Daniel Spandel,
Johannes Kjellgren
Classifying Research on UML model Inconsistencies with Systematic MappingPavan Kumar Thalanki,
Vinay Kiran Maddukuri

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