Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability: Strategic Planning

Opportunities for Global Sustainability (Global ABCD)Josephine Brennan,
Susan Garrett,
Mike Purcell
Opportunity from Catastrophe: A Strategic Approach to Sustainability through Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning (Pre-DRP)Alicia Livitt,
Danielle Hiscock,
Kirstin Piirtoniemi
Osäkerhet och risk- En studie av Norra Älvstranden i GöteborgHilda Lagström
Outdoor Experiential Learning Processes: Engaging Influential Professionals in Strategic Leadership towards SustainabilityJoe Alsford,
Marko Curuvija,
Annika Malewski
Personal Rapid Transit systems for reduction in car dependence Karlskrona case studyRose Lichtenberg,
Patricia Guimarães,
Heleen Podsedkowska
Planning for a Sustainable Nexus of Urban Land Use, Transport and EnergyAntoine Belaieff,
Gloria Moy,
Jack Rosebro
Planning for sustainability - sustainable ideas for an urban environmentJosef Erixon,
Tina Bosnjak
Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage to Facilitate a Transition towards Sustainability - A Case Study of Tibet's Tourism IndustryBingbing Pan,
Yanni Shizhou,
Carl Crone
Principles-Based Comparison Framework for Renewable Electricity OptionsAnna Jonasson,
Ben Kneppers,
Brendan Moore
PRODUCT SERVICE SYSTEMS AND MODULAR DEVELOPMENT - Implications and Opportunities in the Construction Equipment IndustryRickard Gustafsson,
Andreas Blomqvist
Product Service System: Co-Designing for Social ImpactSabine Mukaze,
Denny Carolina Villamil Velásquez
Public Engagement and Participation in Municipalities - Adding Meaning to Planning and Decision Making Processes for a Collaborative Journey Towards SustainabilityElias Kindle,
Christina Sieber,
Michael Wzdulski
Purposeful Action: organizational practices that contribute to a culture of strategic decision making for sustainabilityAlexander Craig,
Katja Macura,
Giancarlo Pucci
Reinventing the Wheel to Guide Ecovillages towards SustainabilityClarissa de Oliveira Arend,
Johanne Gallagher,
Peter Orell
Renewable electricity generation in the Eurpean Union - Best practice, drawbacks and future challengesRené Patrick Fleschurz
Rock On! : Bringing strategic sustainable development to music festivalsSarah Brooks,
Dan O'Halloran,
Alexandre Magnin
Scaling-up Impact: Knowledge-based Organizations Working Toward Sustainability David Adema,
Sara Blenkhorn,
Sarah Houseman
Seeds of Change: Using Urban Agriculture to Move a City Towards SustainabilityChen Peng,
Adele Peters,
Treva Wetherell,
Valerie Yep
Slow Fashion: Tailoring a Strategic Approach towards SustainabilityCarlotta Cataldi,
Maureen Dickson,
Crystal Grover
Small Island Developing States: Using the MSI for Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentGabriela Boscio,
Natalie Mebane,
Xavier Koenig
Smart Cities: Strategic Sustainable Development for an Urban WorldCaroline Colldahl,
Sonya Frey,
Joseph E. Kelemen
Social Actions of Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentAnthony Guido,
Hamideh Farzaneh,
JingJing Guo
Social Dimension of Sustainable Development: Guidance and Application Andre Benaim,
Amber Collins,
Luke Raftis
Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst to Increase Equality in South AfricaIrene Chikumbo,
Ahmet Eren Öztürk,
Taryn Tate
Social Responsibility Guidelines & Sustainable Development: Integrating a Common Goal of a Sustainable SocietyAnastasia Dewangga,
Simon Goldsmith,
Neil Pegram
Social Sustainability in Africa: The case of CameroonAyambe Bisong
Solutions From Above: Using Rooftop Agriculture to Move Cities Towards SustainabilityNina Danielsson,
Joshua Foss,
Aaron Quesnel
Solutions from Below: A strategic approach for the sustainable management of organised community seed banksLaurent Serrure,
Lucia Beltrame and Zachary Rootes 
Station-nearness Principles in the Copenhagen Region and Scania, Integrating Urban Functions with Public TransitMartin Emslie
Strategic Acquisition of Innovative Companies Moving Corporations towards SustainabilityBenoît Guyot,
Seyedeh Nafiseh Mousavi Rad,
Katarina Wikström

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