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Aagaard, Anna-Eva SparfGroup Structure - Specialists and Generalists2011Master thesis
Aagesson, IngelaVad är det för vits med humor i vården?2006Bachelor thesis
Aandahl, HannaTryggare Park - Åtgärdsförslag för Kroksbäcksparken ur ett trygghetsperspektiv2011Master thesis
Aasim, MuhammadUsability Evaluation of Digital Library BTH a case study2009
Abari, Farzad ForoughiOptimization of Audio Processing algorithms (Reverb) on ARMv6 family of processors2008
Abbasi, AshfaqEnvironmental Management Systems and Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability in Environmental Management Systems2009Master thesis
Abbas, GulfamPerformance Tradeoffs in Software Transactional Memory2010
Abbas, Syed ShahidCommunication Risks and Best practices in Global Software Development2011
Abdallah, LanaThe effects of environmental uncertainty conditions on organisational innovativeness and performance of SMEs.2014Master thesis
Abdalla, ArinRädsla för framgång - Vägen till övervinnandet av rädslan för framgång2014Bachelor thesis
Abdelrasoul, NaderOptimization Techniques For an Artificial Potential Fields Racing Car Controller2013
Abdelsamad, DeenaVideo Transmission Jerkiness Measure2013Bachelor thesis
Abdulkarim, ZinahSjuksköterskors upplevelser av det tvärkulturella vårdmötet i Skandinavien2014
Abdullaev, ShuhratTitle: Potentials of Insurance Market Development in Jizzak region2007Master thesis
Abdullah, Hafiz MuhammadDeciding on Optimum Set of Measures in Software Organizations2009
Abdulla, AkarEstimating Erosion in Oil and Gas Pipe Line Due to Sand Presence2011
ABDUL, ASMEER BABUImproving the Quality of Multicast Networks by Using the OPNET Modeler2010
Abdul, Shakoor Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) from the Perspective of Two Banks with Online Marketing in Pakistan: case of HSBC PK and Standard Chartered Bank PK 2011Master thesis
Abdurahmonov, SharofTitle: Potentials of Insurance Market Development in Jizzak region2007Master thesis
Abdurazakov, AskarImplementation of OpenStack and CDMI data storage protocols based on existing web server and file system API.2012
Abdur, Rahim MohammedAssessment of factors influencing marketing strategies of Software as a Service or SaaS2012Master thesis
Abedini, Margareta Mark och MarcelAtt upptäcka Mellanstaden - En studie av stadens ytterområden med Kristiansta som exempel2002Master thesis
Abelsson, SaraPropagation Measurements at 3.5 GHz for WiMAX2007Master thesis
Abels, ChristianA performance and installation research in web server solutions for small e-commerce systems.2004Bachelor thesis
Abel, Kathleen A.Integrating Economics with a Strategic Sustainable Planning Method; To enhance decision making processes.2005Master thesis
Abel, Kathleen A.Using GIS as a Supply Chain Risk Management Tool: A Survey of Global Business Decision Makers2009
Abghari, ShahroozOpen Data for Anomaly Detection in Maritime Surveillance2012
Abideen, ZainulPC Based wireless stepper motor control2013Bachelor thesis
Abiti, AlexThe Impact of Financing Structure and Macroeconomic Variables on Profitability of listed Ghanaian banks2011Master thesis



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