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Gabrielsson, AnnEn studie om spridning av modeller inom produktkalkylering 2005Bachelor thesis
Gabrielsson, Jeanette WidénNya spår för Järnvägsverkstäderna i Kirseberg, Malmö1999Master thesis
Gabriel, KarimThe development of a Speech Level Adjustment Technique for late Deaf People2009Master thesis
Gaddipati, DivyaFollow-the-Sun Software Development: Controlled Experiment2011
Gadd, JohannaAtt leva med diabetes - Upplevelser av att göra livsstilsförändringar2013
Gade, Praveen KumarEvaluation of Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods for Potential Use in Application Security2014
Gadman, CeciliaStadens dolda ljud2013Bachelor thesis
Gadman, KaisaFibromyalgi: patienters upplevelser av vårdpersonalens bemötande - En litteraturstudie2010Bachelor thesis
Gafur, AbdulDispersion Effects on OCDMA System Performance2009
Gagbla, George KofiApplying Keystroke Dynamics for Personal Authentication2005Master thesis
Gagner, BjörnStödets betydelse för personer med Parkinsons sjukdom för att kunna adaptera till sin sjukdom – En litteraturstudie utifrån personer med Parkinsons sjukdoms upplevelser2012
Gahlawat, Vijay SinghBridging the Gap? Leadership Theories Applied in Distance Settings2012Master thesis
Gaileviciute, GiedreMotstånd och acceptans: två sidor av samma mynt. en studie av anställdas handlingar vid teknisk förändring2005Bachelor thesis
Gajjala, SaikrishnaSoftware Implementation of Digital filters2008
Gakpe, Edward A.Value Chain and its Productivity in the Manufacturing Buiness: A Case Study of Food Partners Group, UK.2011Master thesis
Gakpe, Obed K.Value Chain and its Productivity in the Manufacturing Buiness: A Case Study of Food Partners Group, UK.2011Master thesis
Galdikiene, NijoleA validity study of a questionnaire about the perception of conscience among care professionals in primary health care in Lithuania2006Master thesis
Galely, InsiyaSpråkinlärning och undervisningsskultur2010Bachelor thesis
Galely, InsiyaThe attitude of mother tongue education in correlation with academic performance - A study of the different components of attitude in Indian students living in Egypt.2014Bachelor thesis
Gallagher, JohanneReinventing the Wheel to Guide Ecovillages towards Sustainability2013Master thesis
Gall, DariuszEDOC to EJB transformations within MDA2005Master thesis
Gandane, HenriquetaBröstcancer - Yngre kvinnors psykiska påverkan vid diagnos2009Bachelor thesis
Ganda, Gerald Hinga PeterManagement of the Free Health Care Initiative in Sierra Leone: Does the Health Workforce have the Right Managerial Competencies?2011Master thesis
Ganji, NaveenEnhanced NMS Tool Architecture for Discovery and Monitoring of Nodes2008Master thesis
Ganti, SudhirMultimedia Security in P2P Networks2006Master thesis
Gao, ZhenqingProduct-Service System Innovation in Urban Mining-A case study with Volvo CE2014
Garajayev, AgshinFood retailing during economic downturn. In what way can marketing strategies be adapted to changing consumer’s behavior? Case study of Russian X5 Retail Group and Swedish the ICA Company2010Master thesis
Garapati, BalakrishnaPrevention of Spyware by Runtime Classiication of End User License Agreements 2009
Garapati, NagarajeshDelay Impact on Gaming Experience, For a First Person Shooter Game.2009
Garapati, NagarajeshQuality Estimation of YouTube Video Service2010Master thesis



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