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Nabbale, FazirahSjuksköterskans upplevelser av att stödja föräldrar vars barn behandlas för leukemi på sjukhus2013
Nabrdalik, AgnieszkaKan biometri öka säkerhetsnivån på svenska sjukhus?2012
Nadeem, MuhammadA Framework for a More Structured, Integrated and Effective Software Measurement Process2009
Nadeem, MuhammadPerformance, Maintainability and Implementation Cost for Different Software Platforms in a Network Management System2012
Nadeem, ShahidMinimizing Defects Originating from Elicitation, Analysis and Negotiation (E and A&N) Phase in Bespoke Requirements Engineering2009
Nadolny, KrzysztofImplementation of Full Spectrum Inversion Method to Retrieve Bending Angle based on Simulated Data2013
Nagappan, Nagappan PalaniappanChannel Estimation in GPRS based Communication System using Bayesian Demodulation.2009
Nagenius, Maria Hagelberg and JennyRedevelopment of Giang Vo, in Hanoi, Vietnam2007Master thesis
NagiReddy, Naresh ReddyAn Array of First Order Differential Microphone Strategies for Enhancement of Speech Signals2012
Nagy, Rozalia-AnnaÄldre personers upplevelser av höftfraktur - En litteraturstudie2014
Naidu, Dharmana. B PDigital Video Stabilization using SIFT Feature Matching and Adaptive Fuzzy Filter2013
Nakka, Annie SushmaEnsuring Software Product Quality - An Industrial Case Study2012
Nalapatla, Shashank ReddyLiterature review on Energy Efficiency of Base Stations and Improving Energy Efficiency of a network through Cognitive Radio 2013
Nallapati, Shiva ChaitanyaPerformance Evaluation of Various Open Source Projects Providing SIP Functionality2011
Naman, Saleem MuhammadEigen Fuzzy Sets of Fuzzy Relation with Applications2010
Namiranian, Abtin3D Simulation of a 5MW Wind Turbine2011
NAMPALLY., SRAVAN KUMARNetwork Performance of a Video Application in the Cloud2012
Nam, JaechangComponent Reusability Analysis for Exchanging Electronic Health Records2009
Naqvi, Syed Salar HussainUsing Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services2008Master thesis
Narayanasetty, SR Phanindra KumarInvestigating Research on Teaching Modeling in Software Engineering -A Systematic Mapping Study2013
Narayan, RumyTowards Sustainability – Analysis of Collaborative Behaviour in Urban Cohousing –2013Master thesis
Naredla, Raghavender ReddyInput Filter to Prevent Line Oscillations in Buck Converter2013
NARISETTY, SHRAVAN KUMARNetwork Performance of a Video Application in the Cloud2012
Narvefors, PetterKommunikation i omvårdnaden till patienter med annan kulturell bakgrund - Ur sjuksköterskors perspektiv2013
Naseem, JunaidStudy and analysis of the challenges and guidelines of transitioning from waterfall development model to Scrum2009
Naseem, SajidGuidelines for the Deployment of Biometrics Technology in Blekinge Health Care System with the Focus on Human Perceptions and Cost Factor2010
Naseer, AmmadInvestigating Exploratory Testing in Industrial Practice - A Case Study2010
Nash, TimothyStrategic Sustainable Investing: Recognizing Value in Transitional Leadership2008Master thesis
Nasir, MajidHuman Errors and Learnability Evaluation of Authentication System2011
Nasir, MuhammadSoftware Transactional Memory Techniques - Principles, Design, and Implementation Trade-offs2009



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