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R-Smith, Nawfal Al-ZubaidiAn Effecient Scheme in IEEE 802.22 WRAN for Real Time and Non Real Time Traffic Delay2013
Raag, Alexander MalmstedtDiskursskapande i miljonprogrammets förorter - Fallstudie Järva2014Bachelor thesis
Rabbani, Muhammad ShoaibPerformance Evaluation of Different Active Noise Control (ANC) Algorithms for Attenuating Noise in a Duct2014
Rabbi, Md ForhadAn IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog2009
Rabby, MD. FazlaPerformance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Network over SIMO System2012
Rabitsch, TamaraDigital Publishing and its influences on litarcy2014Bachelor thesis
Rabi, FazalThe Supplementation of Backoff Rules By TDMA Technique to Improve Data Rate in Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET)2009
Radeiski, JennyThe Implementation of Environmental Education in elementary schools — A Comparative Study between Sweden and Germany —2009Master thesis
Radhakrishnan, KrishnakumarImplementation of Soft-output sphere decoder by rapid prototyping methodology2008
Radhakrishnan, KrishnakumarImplementation of a Soft output sphere decoder by rapid prototyping methhodology2008
Radhakrishna, DeekondaOPNET simulation of voice over MPLS With Considering Traffic Engineering 2010
Radoniqi, Lendita“Bjeshkët e Nemuna”- Future Prospects for a National Park2007Master thesis
Rad, Seyedeh Nafiseh MousaviStrategic Acquisition of Innovative Companies Moving Corporations towards Sustainability2012Master thesis
Rad, Yasaman TalaeiUse of Global Consistency Checking for Exploring and Refining Relationships between Distributed Models: A Case Study2012
Rae, GenevaMeeting the Challenge of Social Sustainability: governance for profound change2006Master thesis
Rafi, Dudekula MohammadAutomated Software Testing: A Study of the State of Practice2012
Raftis, LukeSocial Dimension of Sustainable Development: Guidance and Application2008Master thesis
Ragi, ShivashankerSecurity Techniques for protecting data in Cloud Computing2012
Ragnarsson, LisaMäns upplevelser av sin maskulinitet till följd av Erektil dysfunktion - En litteraturstudie2015
Raguz-Bojcic, SrdanaDeterminants of Commitment: A Study of a Multinational IT Company2013Master thesis
Rahimi, HosayUpplevelsen av att leva med schizofreni2014
Rahimuddin, MuhammadE-Banking System in Pakistan2010Master thesis
Rahim, ShafqatEvalution of VOD by using MPLS network.2009Master thesis
Rahman, AsimMetrics for the Structural Assessment of Product Line Architecture2004Master thesis
Rahman, A.K.M. MahfuzurA Decentralized Key Database for Overlay Identification2010
RAHMAN, MD HAMIDURA Study in 3D Structure Detection Implementing Forward Camera Motion2012
Rahman, Md. MahbuburFree newspaper- the case analysis of bangladesh2009Master thesis
Rahman, SamiurFocusing Moving Targets Using Range Migration Algorithm in Ultra Wideband Low Frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar2010
Rahman, Sayed Mohammad AtiqurSecurity analysis of the WiMAX technology in Wireless Mesh networks2009



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