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Saad-Bin, SaleemA Study on Strategic Release Planning Models of Academia and Industry 2008
Saade, LinaPatienters upplevelser av den prehospitala vården i en akut situation - En litteraturstudie med kvalitativ ansats2010Bachelor thesis
Saager, AnnaHur den smärtpåverkade patienten upplever bemötandet av den professionella vårdaren2004Bachelor thesis
Saarnak, StefanA comparison of lifecycles - Agile software processes vs. projects in non-Agile software companies2003Master thesis
Sabri, Gull HussainQoS in MPLS and IP Networks2009
Sabri, HosseinLoudness Control by Intelligent Audio Content Analysis2013
Sackey, Edward K. E.Optimal System of Subalgebras and Invariant Solutions for the Black-Scholes Equation2009
Sackey, EricPerformance Evaluation of M-ary Frequency Shift Keying Radio Modems via Measurements and Simulations2006Master thesis
Sadikovic, CarmenVårdberoende, behov av omvårdnad och insatser för äldre med regelbunden vård och omsorg – del av SNAC-Blekinge, Vårdsystemdelen2011Master thesis
Sadiković, CarmenIngen förstår och ingen bryr sig - En litteraturstudie om hur patienter upplever vårdpersonalens bemötande vid långvarig smärta. 2008Bachelor thesis
Sadiq, MazharModeling the Non-functional Requirements in the Context of Usability, Performance, Safety and Security2007Master thesis
Sadiq, Muhammad TariqSpectrum Sensing and Management in Cooperative Cognitive Radio2011
Sadowska, MałgorzataQuality of business models expressed in BPMN2013
Sadreddini, MaryamNon-Uniformly Partitioned Block Convolution on Graphics Processing Units2013
Saeed, AbubakrThe Determinants of Capital Structure in Energy Sector2007Master thesis
Saeed, AsadPerformance Analysis and Comparison of Radio Propagation Models for Outdoor Environment in 4G LTE Network2013
Saeed, Asifon line condition monitoring system for wind turbine2008
Saeed, Bilal BinYouth Mentoring: A Strategic Move Towards Sustainability2009Master thesis
Saeed, FarrakhSystematic Review of Verification and Validation in Dynamic Programming Languages2008Master thesis
Saeed, MuhammadSystematic Review of Verification and Validation in Dynamic Programming Languages2008Master thesis
Saeed, MuhammadUsability Evaluation of a Health Web Portal2009
Saeed, Muhammad MohsinIslamic Microfinance "Monitoring of Profit & Loss Sharing Loans".2009Master thesis
Saeed, Muhammad SaqibA Mechanism for Representing N-Dimensional Software Process Models in One-Dimensional Documents2007Master thesis
Saeed, UmarISTQB: Black Box testing Strategies used in Financial Industry for Functional testing2009
Saeed., RizwanKnowledge Management and Clinical Framework for Cross Country Healthcare Organizations.2009
Saers, AlexanderLeaderships impact on innovation - A case study on a small business in software industry2011Master thesis
Safar, FadiRelationsmarknadsföring Vs Internet2000Bachelor thesis
Safi, NadiaInvandrares upplevelser av kommunikation med vårdpersonal2012
Safra, NatalieUsing the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to complement existing leadership training approaches2009Master thesis



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