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Ahl, ViggoAn experimental comparison of five prioritization methods - Investigating ease of use, accuracy and scalability2005Master thesis
Ahmad, AleemUsability Evaluation of a Hypermedia System in Higher Education2008Master thesis
Ahmad, AmaisFuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning2010
Ahmad, ArshadThe Importance of Knowledge Management Practices in Overcoming the Global Software Engineering Challenges in Requirements Understanding2008Master thesis
Ahmad, AzeemEffective Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities in Global Software Development Teams2012
Ahmad, EhsanTowards Optimization of Software V&V Activities in the Space Industry [Two Industrial Case Studies]2009
Ahmad, JunaidBenchmarking of Financial Solutions Offered by Islamic Banks2011Master thesis
Ahmad, KanarJag väger för mycket! Kvinnor med Anorexia Nervosas upplevelse av mötet med vårdpersonal. 2009Bachelor thesis
Ahmad, KhalidEmployee Retention Strategies: the case of a patent firm in Australia2012Master thesis
Ahmad, LuqmanA Comparative Evaluation of Usability for the iPhone and iPad2011
Ahmad, MuhammadPerformance Evoluation of vertical handover between UMTS and WLAN2009
AHMAD, MUHAMMAD ZEESHANComparative Analysis of Iptables and Shorewall2012
Ahmad, MushtaqChallenges and Solution of UMTS Handover2008
Ahmad, NadeemAnalysis of Network Security Threats and Vulnerabilities by Development & Implementation of a Security Network Monitoring Solution2010
Ahmad, NaseerSecurity Issues in Wireless Systems2009Master thesis
Ahmad, Qazi SohailA Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal Management2006
Ahmad, Qazi SohailA Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal Management2008
Ahmad, RaheelOn the Scalability of Four Multi-Agent Architectures for Load Control Management in Intelligent Networks 2003Master thesis
Ahmad, Saleem ZubairAnalyzing Suitability of SysML for System Engineering Applications2007Master thesis
Ahmad, SalmanEnvironmental Management Systems and Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability in Environmental Management Systems2009Master thesis
Ahmad, SohaibDecision Making Techniques for Cognitive Radios2008Master thesis
Ahmad, WaqarEvaluation of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks2009
Ahmad, WaqarBranding in Small Companies. A case study of Vital Tea, Pakistan2009Master thesis
Ahmad, WaqarPredicting Friendship Levels in Online Social Networks2010
Ahmad, WaqasAn investigation of Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) under certain Parameters2009
Ahmad, WaqasIris localization using Daugman's algorithm2012Bachelor thesis
Ahmad, WaqasActive Noise Control in Ventilation Duct A Prototype for Remote Laboratory 2012Master thesis
Ahmad, ZunnurainDesign and Implementation of Quasi Planar K-Band Array Antenna Based on Travelling Wave Structures2013
Ahmed, AbdifatahEfficient And Maintainable Test Automation2002Master thesis
Ahmed, AdnanMeta-Model of Resilient information System2007Master thesis

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