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, MD. JAHERUL ISLAMPerformance Analysis of Diversity Techniques for Wireless Communication System2012
, Meng GuResearch and Application of Urban Landscape Planning in Slow-moving System—Based on the Design of Wujin District in Changzhou2013
, Mohana murugan PeriannanA research about Digital social networks influence in Urban spaces, Case study – Stortorget, Lilla torg & Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö, Sweden 2012
, Muhammad Asif MajokaNFC Enabled Smartphone Application For Instant Cognitive Support2012
, Muhammad FahimRobust lane detection and object tracking In relation to the intelligence transport system2013
, Nagaswaroopa AdapaPerformance analysis of different adapative algorithms based on acoustic echo cancellation2013
, Ndey Haddy Jammeh”Jag är inte min sjukdom” - HIV- och AIDS-patienters upplevelse av mötet med sjukvårdspersonal - En litteraturstudie2012
, Neda EshraghiComparison of Interactive Group and Bilateral Communication for Idea Synthesis for Software Product Innovation2013
, Niclas BrännströmJämställdhet i svensk översiktsplanering2012Bachelor thesis
, Pavankumar RayapudiComparative Study of Virtual Machine Software Packages with Real Operating System 2012
, Prashant PydipoguRobust lane detection and object tracking In relation to the intelligence transport system2013
, Ramesh DhunganaA Quantitative Study of Quality of Experience (QoE) for Decreasing and Increasing Network Performance.2011Bachelor thesis
, Raoul Christoffer EwerthChain Management for today’s demand – Case study Seven Eleven in Japan and Sweden2011Master thesis
, Raya MeresaStudy the Effect of FEC on Video Streaming over the Networks2013
, Richard HolménPedagogiskt ledarskap vid en omorganisation - chefers uppfattningar av det egna ledarskapet2012Bachelor thesis
, Rita Veronika DénesNatura 20002012Master thesis
, Ronja VölkelBe in the Loop: Circular Economy & Strategic Sustainable Development 2013Master thesis
, Roshanak HashemiAntecedents of loyalty in an online retailing business2013Master thesis
, Sabrina VättöArt director - Idé, process och struktur2013Bachelor thesis
, Saket Vikram SinghAnalysis of Location based QoE for Mobile video streaming from YouTube in 4G Networks 2013
, Sameer MunirAn Instance based Approach to Find the Types of Correspondence between the Attributes of Heterogeneous Datasets2012
, Sandra RejnefeltUpplevelser av HIV - En analys av patografier2013
, Sarfraz HussainDesigning of Reconfigurable Multiband Antenna for WLAN Application2013
, Sharath Chandra AmarawadiEvaluation of ROS and Arduino Controllers for the OBDH Subsystem of a CubeSat2012
, Shravan Kumar AlampallyVerification of Crane Control Algorithm 2013
, Sicong Ma Origami Pattern Tube for Vehicle Crash Box2013Bachelor thesis
, Sofia HoffmanKvinnors känslor, upplevelser och attityder kring återgång i arbetsliv efter föräldraledighet2013Bachelor thesis
, Solmaz ShokatlooAssessment of Leadership Aspects that Contribute to Operational Excellence: A case Study of two large Companies in Sweden2012Master thesis
, Solveig ZophoniasdottirStrategy and Sustainability Awareness in the Danish Fourth Sector2012Master thesis
, Subbarayudu GannamaniPerformance Evaluation of Cloud Database and Traditional Database in terms of Response Time while Retrieving the Data2012

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