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Bakht, Syed SikandarA Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal Management2006
Bakht, Syed SikandarA Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal Management2008
Bakke, HenningBusiness Process Design2014
Balakrishnan, SiddharthVentilation systems in Volvo Cars Body Components2004
Balasetty, PrudhvirajCharacterization of YouTube Video Streaming Traffic2013
Balaskas, AntoniosA Strategic Approach to Sustainable Development through Official Development Assistance2009Master thesis
Balja, GanimeteFlyktingars upplevelse kring traumatiska händelser2008Bachelor thesis
Ballovarre, EvaBemötande - en litteraturstudie om bemötande av patienter med fetma2004Bachelor thesis
Balogun, AbassAn evaluation of the risks involved in onshore IT outsourcing -A case study of Citiserve Limited Nigeria2010
Balsasubramaniyan, SureshA Communicating and Controllable Teammate Bot for RTS Games2012
Balsu, Santosh KumarEvaluation Of Radiation Tolerant Satellite Communication Modem2012
Baltoglou, GeorgiosCurrent working conditions of public servants in Greece under the impact of the financial crisis2014Master thesis
Banadaki, Davood DehganStatistical Assessment of Uncertainties Pertaining to Uniaxial Vibration Testing and Required Test Margin for Fatigue Life Verification2013
Bandikolla, PraveenImage Retrieval Using a Combination of Keywords and Image Features2008Master thesis
Bandi, Srinivas GoudTeamwork in Distributed Agile Software Development2013
Bandreddy, PavanPerceptual Video Quality Assessment Tool2011
Banelis, JustasStreaming Video Based on an Intelligent Frame Skipping Technique2011
Bangash, Yasir AliAutomatic Modulation Recognition of Communication Signals.2012
Baniassadi, MichellePersoners upplevelser av att leva med hjärtsvikt - NYHA- klass II-IV2013
Bannister, MarkSustainable Supply Chains: Moving Chinese Garment Manufacturers Towards Sustainability2010Master thesis
Baolorphet, PhetphirunÄr preoperativ kroppstvätt effektivt mot sårinfektioner - finns evidens? 2012
Bao, XiaomingFrom declined industrial areas to humanized public areas --a renewal practice of preservation and humanized reconstruction of Shanghai Yangpu Auxiliary Equipment factory2012
Baraki, Yared TuemayVideo Content Assessment Based on Perceptual Quality Indicators (A Popularity Predictor Model for YouTube Videos)2014
Barbero., Beatriz MoraExamination of Various Approaches to Possibly Improve the Existing Algorithms Applied in Fingerprint Recognition Systems2007Bachelor thesis
Barbouti, AbdulwahabThe preference between salary increase and more vacation time2014Master thesis
Bárcena, ZaidaSustainable Selves: Shifting Paradigms within Individuals as the Core Driver to Reaching a Sustainable Society2009Master thesis
Bardici, MinavereICT Design and Users’ Affect, Cognition and Creativity2010Bachelor thesis
Bardici, NickRöstigenkänning genom Hidden Markov Model - En implementering av teorin på DSP2006Master thesis
Barela, KrzysztofControl System Design and Transmission Line Resonance Elimination of a 3-Phase Battery Charger2012

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