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Nasir, MajidHuman Errors and Learnability Evaluation of Authentication System2011
Nasir, MuhammadSoftware Transactional Memory Techniques - Principles, Design, and Implementation Trade-offs2009
Nasir, Muhammad-IftikharEvolvability of Software Systems2008
Nasir, Muhammad JamalEcho Cancellation using PMSAF and Compare the performance with NLMS and improved PNLMS under different Impulse responses2013
Nasir, Muhammad NadeemCommunication Support to Scrum Methodology in Offshore Development2009
Nassergivehchy, AliUsing personas and scenarios in designing for an IPTV solution2010
Nasser, Hamza ZeidanFluid Structure Interaction Modeling of the Dynamic of a Semi Submerged Buoy2013
NATARAJAN, GOWTHAMDevelopment and Validation of Methods for Nonlinear System Identification2011
Natenius, Nova CharlotteOrganisatoriskt stöd och grupputveckling- hur hänger det samman? En studie i det organisatoriska stödet och dess inverkan på arbetsgruppers prestationer. 2013Bachelor thesis
Nathe, NathalieAddressing the Barriers to Regional Electric Vehicle Projects through Stakeholder Engagement2012Master thesis
Natraj, ShailendraAn Empirical Evaluation & Comparison of Effectiveness & Efficiency of Fault Detection Testing Techniques2013
Naturi, Damodar ReddyIntelligent Camera Tracking using SRP-based sound Source localization in frequency domain2012
Navarro, Alvaro PalomoAdaptive Subband Equalization in Wireless Systems2006Bachelor thesis
Navarro, DiegoImproving Player Performance by Developing Gaze Aware Games2014
Naveed, FahadOptimization of Cognitive Radio in NLoS Backhauling of Small Cells2013
Naveed, SundasMobile Communication Technologies and Their Effects on Elderly, A Case Study of Diabetes type 2 Elderly 2010
Nawaz, OmerSecure Identification in Social Wireless Networks2011
Nawaz, YasirRole of Voluntary Employee Turnover in Textile Industry of Pakistan2009Master thesis
Nawroth, OlgaMentoring as leadership and career development in Swedish companies - An exploratory study2013Master thesis
Nayar, MaliniBrand Equity – Measuring Corporate Brand Strength in the Swedish Smartphone Market; Dimensions of Corporate Brand Equity from a Consumer Perspective2012Master thesis
Nayyar, VarunGross Domestic Product Growth Correlations: Multi Country Study with Focus on China and India2014Master thesis
Nayyeri, Atefeh DehghanAnalysis and Planning of 802.11n MIMO wireless network using Multi-Polarized Antenna2011Bachelor thesis
Nazarov, SanjarTrust Related Behavior and Person-Job Fit Among University Graduates in Europe: Evidence from REFLEX Survey2015Master thesis
Nazir, Muhammad AbidStudy of Development of Java Applications in Eclipse Environment and Development of Java Based Calendar Application with Email Notifications2013
Nazir, SalmanValidation of NORM (Needs Oriented Framework for Producing Requirements Decision Material) Framework in Industry2013
Ndubuisi, Zeowa RichardManaging Organizational Conflict from the Cultural Perspective: A Comparison of Nigeria and Sweden2010Master thesis
Neander, SaraVilket stöd kan sjuksköterskan bistå överviktiga personer med för att motivera till förändrad livsstil och viktnedgång?2005Bachelor thesis
Nedersjö, JuliaDowntown revitalization in San Salvador2012
Nedfors, ClaesKlassificering av hastighetsskyltar2006Master thesis
Nedfors, KarinSjuksköterskans upplevelse av kommunikation med läkare i samband med rond - En intervjustudie2012Master thesis

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