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Rahman, Sayed Mohammad AtiqurSecurity analysis of the WiMAX technology in Wireless Mesh networks2009
Rahman, Syed Adnan urMulti-Carrier HSPA Evolution and Its Performance Evaluation with Emphasis on the Downlink2013
Rahman, Tanzil urRole of Voluntary Employee Turnover in Textile Industry of Pakistan2009Master thesis
Rahm, Anna-MariaRelationen mellan vårdare och anhöriga till personer med demenssjukdom som bor på boende - litteraturstudie -2007Bachelor thesis
Rajaee, ShahlaSuccess Factors for Supporting Intercultural Engagement of Employees towards Sustainability2010Master thesis
Rajagopal, LoganathanRapid Load Path Design of Jet Engine Component using Knowledge Based Engineering2005Master thesis
Rajasekaran, ArunkumarEffect of Network OFF Times on Web Browsing QoE2013
Rajasekaran, KamleshFracture failure and influence of process parameters, material selection and moisture content on weld lines2014
Raja, Abdullah AslamGenetic Algorithm for Selecting Optimal Secondary Users to Collaborate in Spectrum sensing2010
Raja, Umar WaqasIssues of Routing in VANET2010
Raja, Uzair AkbarFramework for Requirements Traceability2008Master thesis
Rajula, AlexanderSAR imaging with a hand-held UWB radar system2012Master thesis
Raju, Madhu SudhanaIntegrating Exploratory Testing In Software Testing Life Cycle, A Controlled Experiment2012
Rakelmann, JonasClusters and the Creative Class in Urban Strategies - Two European Cases 2009Master thesis
Rakib, Mohammad AhsanPerformance Evaluation of DHTs for Mobile Environment2010
Ramachandran, SelvakumarAn Exploratory Study on the Relationship between Software Management and IT Service Management2011
Ramadan, Mohamed SalimFluid-Structure Interaction Analysis for Hydrodynamic Parameters in Semi-Submerged Axisymmetric Buoy 2010
Ramalingam, AshokkumarEmergency Based Remote Collateral Tracking System Using Google's Android Mobile Platform2011
Ramamoorthy, SaranyaEmergency Based Remote Collateral Tracking System Using Google's Android Mobile Platform2011
RAMANCHA, BHARAT REDDYPerformance Analysis Of No-reference Video Quality Assessment Methods For Frame Freeze and Frame Drop Detection 2014
Ramberg, AnitaÄtstörningar - en litteraturstudie om tre kvinnor och deras upplevelser av mötet med vårdpersonal2004Bachelor thesis
RAMESH, TELAGAREDDI S N U VSpeech Enhancement in Hands-Free Device (Hearing Aid) with emphasis on Elko's Beamformer2012
Ramireddy, ViswanathVibration Based Techniques for Young's Modulus Determination and Permenant Deformation Assesment2007Master thesis
Ramirez, NathalieFöräldrars upplevelser i vardagen under deras barns sjukdomstid i leukemi - En kvalitativ analys av självbiografiska böcker2012
Ramón, Álvaro deData Mining Web-Tool Prototype Using Monte Carlo Simulations2008
Ramos-Reid, RachelCore competence – definition and dynamics in the not - for- profit sector2011Master thesis
Ramström, VictorFörstudie och design av simuleringssystem för automatisk kreditgivningsprocess2014
Rana, Abu Noman SohelTechnological implementation and online banking have increased customer service, satisfaction but reduced costs in the Banking sector of Bangladesh 2013Master thesis
Rana, Bilal ZahidOPNET Analysis of VoIP over MPLS VPN with IP QoS2011
Rana, Mohammad SohelProduct Reward Discounting on Variance of Time 2011Master thesis

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