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Umar, MuhammadMarketing Strategy of Islamic Banking Sector In Pakistan2008Master thesis
Umegboro, OnyemaAnalysis of the Behaviour of Standing Acoustic Waves in a Cubically Nonlinear Medium.2007Master thesis
Undervill, BarbaraGör som jag menar - En studie om budskapets betydelse samt dess påverkan på inre upplevelse och yttre beteende2011Bachelor thesis
Unterkalmsteiner, MichaelSoftware Process Improvement Measurement and Evaluation Framework (SPI-MEF)2009
Upadhya, BhanuCharacteristics and Control of the Motor System in E-bikes2014Bachelor thesis
Uppalapati, NiroopaA Framework for Requirements Triage Process2011
Uppalapati, Sarath ChandraFar-Field Wiener Beamforming and Source Localization in Frequency Domain2012
Uppala, Pavan KumarImplementation of Recursive method in Image Steganography2015
Uppatumwichian, WipawatA Study of Factors Which Influence QoD of HTTP Video Streaming Based on Adobe Flash Technology2013
Uppu, PradeepQoE of Video Streaming over LTE Network2013
Ur-Rehman, ShoaibAnalysis of Black Hole attack on MANETs Using different MANET routing protocol2010
Urbanusson, AndreasOrganizing cooperative work- An issue of motivation and participation in the process of design2003Bachelor thesis
Urbán, AndreasAutomatiserad Verifiering av Grafiska Ritare och Tranformationsutvinning2012Bachelor thesis
Urdén, UlfA Comparison of Three Computer System Simulators2004Master thesis
Usmanova, ImanLångvarig stress på arbetsplatsen2014Bachelor thesis
Usman, MuhammadThe Effect of Ownership on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Banking Sector in Pakistan2010Master thesis
Usman, Muhammad RehanPerformance Analysis of Channel Allocation Schemes in WiMAX2009
Ustamujic, FarukAttityder och varumärkeslojalitet inom snabbmatsbranschen2004Bachelor thesis
Utbult, MaxMusikalisk gestaltning av Trudvang2014Bachelor thesis
Utkucan, EceSustainable E-waste Management: Using the FSSD in a Case study at NUR 2010Master thesis
Uusitalo, TimA first approach in applying Artificial Potential Fields in Car Games2011Bachelor thesis
Uzoechi, VictorFuzzy Modeling of Uplink Transmit Power Control in a CDMA Network2008



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