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Waller, IdaSecurity in wireless networks - Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures2003Bachelor thesis
Waller, IdaIP telephony - Future investment or risk assessment2004Master thesis
Waller, MichaelPeer-to-peer som företagslösning2002Bachelor thesis
Walle, AmareEstablishment of Capital Markets in Least Developed Countries (LDCs):The case of Ethiopia2008Master thesis
Wallfors, JenniePatienters värdighet i den palliativa vården utifrån sjuksköterskans perspektiv - En litteraturstudie2012
Wallin, AnnaThe revival of Greater No 2 - a residential area in Kimberley Southafrica2004Master thesis
Wallin, CharlotteHow can companies increase their market share?2008Master thesis
Wallin, UlrikaVilket behov av stöd kvinnor i kris med bröstcancer har från vårdpersonalen under sin sjukdomstid2007Bachelor thesis
Wallmark, EmmyDåtid, nutid, framtid – ett förtätningsförslag2012Bachelor thesis
Wall, KatarinaKvinnans upplevelse av sin identitet efter en mastektomi2012
Walsh, TeresaSecond Chances Business Plan2012Master thesis
Walter, AnneliePatientens upplevelser av stöd från sjuksköterskan2005Bachelor thesis
Walther, AmandaJämställdhet med psykologiska ögon - Kunskap, attityd och beteende2013Bachelor thesis
Wanganga, GeorgeEffective Requirements Management2004Master thesis
Wang, CangDesigning a communication system for IVAS -Stereo Video Coding Based on H.2642010
Wang, GuanPublic Walking Space. A study of Commercial Pedestrian Streets in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Nanjing 2011
Wang, HanHi-tech Industrial Cluster in China -- Based on the case of Zhongguancun Science Park2010Master thesis
Wang, JiananDesign and Implementation of an Open Architecture Framework for Live Video and Image Processing2013Bachelor thesis
Wang, KaiIntelligent system of Roxtec sealing product2012Bachelor thesis
Wang, LiekeA case study of the acquisition of Swedish Volvo by Chinese Geely2011Master thesis
WANG, MINDescription and Application of Genetic Algorithm2012
Wang, Xiao JunEvaluating Web-latency reducing Protocols in Mobile Environments2013
Wang, XiaoliBalanserat styrkort - Ett styrverktyg för kommunikation inom tjänsteföretag2013Bachelor thesis
Wang, XuThe Renewal of Urban Village — problems and potentials of Hongshan Village, Nanjing2013
Wang, YiAn Investigation of Peak-to-Average Power Reduction in MIMO-OFDM Systems 2009
Wang, YingYouth Mentoring: A Strategic Move Towards Sustainability2009Master thesis
Wang, YinyangUrban Waterfront VS Suburb, Different Characteristics of Public Space of Malmö city —A comparative study about public space of Västra Hamnen and Hyllie in Malmö2012
Wang, YonghongThe Impact of E-commerce on Application of 4R Marketing2012Master thesis
Wang, YongyuanThe Research on Humanization Design of Urban Park2011

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