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Barke, DanielAre we ready for Agile Development?2009Master thesis
Bark, SandraHur ser chefer på generationsväxlingen - En kvalitativ studie om arbetet inom Landstinget Blekinge2013Bachelor thesis
Barnekow, Carl-HenrikHattholmen - en stadsdelsförvandling i Karlskrona2008Bachelor thesis
Barnekow, Carl-HenrikCan Tourism Boost Development of Sustainable Infrastructure in Nepal? 2011
Baron-Bonarjee, Jean-PaulFostering a Culture of Sustainabilty in Municipalities through Effective Training2013Master thesis
Barrio, JesusAutomated testing in changeable systems -Techniques to support modifications2004Master thesis
Barrow, CharlotteOpen Source as Leverage towards Sustainable Housing2010Master thesis
Bartaula, Jyoti PrasadEmotion Recognition from EEG Signals using Machine Learning2013
Bartunek, Josef StrömMinutiae Extraction from Fingerprint with Neural Network and Minutiae based Fingerprint Verification2004Master thesis
Bartunek, JuliaUndersökning av personlighetsdrag hos kriminella,rehabiliterade och icke-kriminella personer med femfaktorsmodellen2007Bachelor thesis
Basaraner, SafakListening for Temperature2012
BASAVA, SRISESHUKUMARMicrophone Array Wiener Beamforming with modeling of SRP- PHAT for Speaker Localization 2012
Basa, SridharSNR Estimation for Preamble-based Wireless OFDM Systems using Extended Kalman Filter2011
Basa, SrinivasEnhanced NMS Tool Architecture for Discovery and Monitoring of Nodes2008Master thesis
Basic, AlisaIntryck av Tranås stad från Södra stambanan: En idéstudie avseende omvandlingen av områdena närmast järnvägen2006Master thesis
Basit, Syed AbdulPlanning and Analysis of Knowledge Intensive Enterprise Resource Planning Systems2008Master thesis
Baskaravel, YogarajImplementation and evaluation of global router for Information-Centric Networking2014
Bassey, IsongStructural Design of an RFID-Based System: a way of solving some election problems in Africa2008Master thesis
Bayer, PeterInformation Hiding - Steganografic Content in Streaming Media2002Master thesis
Beban, AnaContribution of Tourism to the Sustainable Development of the Local Community: Case Studies of Alanya and Dubrovnik2006Master thesis
Bebli, Richard SelassieThe Impact of internet banking service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking sector of Ghana2012Master thesis
Bechtel, NicolaBe in the Loop: Circular Economy & Strategic Sustainable Development 2013Master thesis
Beckman, AnnaAnhörigas möte med intensivvården - en litteraturstudie2004Bachelor thesis
Beck, AnnikaCross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions - The Case of the Greater Region2011Master thesis
Bedasso, Aliye TukeEmotion Recognition from EEG Signals using Machine Learning2013
Bednarz, AndrzejTransformation of Rational Unified Process analysis model to design model according to architectural patterns2005Master thesis
Behrens, MarcusProcesses and Activities to Reduce New Product Failure2003Bachelor thesis
Beijer, KristofferInspelning av djurläten2012Bachelor thesis
Beijer, PetterMörbylånga sockerbruksområde - historik, nuläge och tre framtidsbilder2004Master thesis

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