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Darko-Amankrah, Eric Kwame Buah & ChristopherThe relevance of Financial Statements and Its Impact in Organizational Performance – a case study of Atwima Mpomua Rural Bank.2011Master thesis
Darse, David Hem PaulFinding common denominators for agile software development: a systematic literature review2011
Darwall, HannaAtt möta döende patienter - er sjuksköterskans perspektiv2004Bachelor thesis
Dasari, PraveenImpact Of Transmission Patterns On One-Way Delay In 3G Networks Of Sweden2012
Das, Subrata KumarSynthetic Aperture Radar Image Quality Measurements2010
Dathathri, ArvindCountering Privacy-Invasive Software (PIS) by End User License Agreement Analysis2007Master thesis
Datla, Venkata Rami ReddyImplementation and evaluation of spectral subtraction (SS) with minimum statistics and wiener beamformer combination2013
Daun, CatarinaYogans främjande för lärande på arbetsplatsen - en studie i lärande och utveckling inom organisationlära2012Bachelor thesis
Davidsson, KristinPatienters förmåga till livsstilsförändringar - En litteraturstudie om informationens betydelse för livsstilsförändringar hos patienter som överlevt en hjärtinfarkt2010Bachelor thesis
Davidsson, SannaMönster & Mönsterdesign, att skapa ett sammanhållande mönster som grafisk formgivare2013Bachelor thesis
Davidsson, TonyFörslag till omgestaltning av Hoglands park2008Bachelor thesis
Davidsson, TonyEn attraktiv bilfri stadsutveckling2010
Davis, KaraAn Innovation Approach for Sustainable Product and Product-Service System Development2010Master thesis
Davis, KimContributing to a Transition towards a Sustainable Society: Education Matters2013Master thesis
Davuluru, TharashasankOSS Success factors when going open: Systematic Literature Review2011
Dawid, SlawomirMinor Field Study: Tanzania OnLAN - Infrastructure, computers and learning. Introducing Information Technology in Montessori Training Centre?s Work Practice2000Bachelor thesis
Debeljak, ZeljanaUpplevelser av att leva med diabetes typ 22006Bachelor thesis
Dedic, AsimEvolving test-case selection at a large scale company2007Master thesis
Deku, AnthonyCavitation in Engine Cooling Fluid due to Piston-Cylinder Assembly Forces2006Master thesis
Delamarliere, MathieuBitumen Applicator2002Bachelor thesis
Delcomyn, AnneHur arbetar mikroföretag med ekonomistyrning?2012Bachelor thesis
Dellor, DesmondEntrepreneurial Risk taking propensity and Performance: A case study of Owner-Managed companies in the Ghana Club 100.2009Master thesis
Dellqvist, HelénAnknytningsproblem - Mammans upplevelser2009Bachelor thesis
Demirsoy, AliUsing Semantic Knowledge Management Systems To Overcome Information Overload Problems In Software Engineering2013
Demissie, AtinkutA PMIPv6 Approach to Maintain Network Connectivity during VM Live Migration over the Internet2013
Denebo, PetraPrivacy - Plug the Internet Peep Hole2001Master thesis
Deng, HanzhuUsing the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to complement existing leadership training approaches2009Master thesis
Deng, HongyuAn Optimization Design for the Standard Manual Wheelchair2011
Denys, PaulSecurity of Personal Information in Cloud Computing: Identifying and mitigating against risks to privacy in the deployment of Enterprise Systems Applications on the Software as a Service platform 2012Master thesis

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