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Irshad, MohsinMeasuring Cost Avoidance Through Software Reuse2010
Irshad, Muhammad JehanzebIssues and Optimization of UMTS Handover2009
Irshad, SabaRise Over Thermal Estimation Algorithm Optimization and Implementation2013
Irshad, SharmeenSW features in power systems for telecom equipment2013
Irtaza, Syed AilSoftware Testing: A Comparative Study Model Based Testing VS Test Case Based Testing2012
Isabel, LlorenteFormation of High Resolution Images in SAR using GNSS2009Bachelor thesis
Isacsson, ErikFrån ingenmansland till innerstad - omvandling av Norra stationsområdet i Stockholm2004Master thesis
Isaka, KiminoriBarriers and Assets for Sustainability in Japanese Organizations2010Master thesis
Isaksson, ErikaHur kvinnor med bröstcancer upplever stödet från hälso- och sjukvårdspersonal2014
Isaksson, HildaKvinnors upplevelser i samband med insjuknandet i hjärtinfarkt - En litteraturstudie2012
Isaksson, IdaEthical Challenges for nurses working in rural areas at mobile stops in Kgatleng District Botswana2008Bachelor thesis
Isaksson, MariaEkonomistyrning i ideella föreningar - en kvalitativ studie med inriktning på ideella idrottsföreningar2012Bachelor thesis
Isaksson, UlrikaChallenges with Incident Management - In Information Technology2003Master thesis
Isaksson, UlrikaChallenges with Incident Management - In Information Technology2003Master thesis
Isaksson, UlrikaContent Management Systems - effektiviserar informationshanteringen?2002Bachelor thesis
Isaksson, VincentThe Effects of Charismatic Clients on Auditors Objectivity2013Master thesis
Isén, DanielMixi Print AB2005Bachelor thesis
Ishaq, RizwanAdaptive Gain Equalizer and Modulation Frequency Domain for Noise Reduction2010
Ishav, LinaAtt vara fånge i sin egen kropp2007Bachelor thesis
Isienyi, Osita KingsleyAnalysis of Strength of Self -Pierce Riveted Aluminium Plate Using Finite Element Method2008
Iskandaryan, AshotDispute resolution mechanisms in “business to business relations” in Armenia2008
Islam, ArifulComparing Dual Microphone System with Different Algorithms and Distances between Microphones2013
Islam, A.K.M. MoinulSoftware Process Improvement Measurement and Evaluation Framework (SPI-MEF)2009
Islam, GibrailA Framework for Security Requirements Elicitation 2012
Islam, HasibulTrends in business process quality management methodologies.2011Master thesis
Islam, Ibrahim Bin NurulPerformance Analysis of Wireless Ad hoc Networks in Different Network Situations from Routing Point of View2008
Islam, MainulImproving the System Performance of High Altitude Platforms Serving Suburban Areas2012
Islam, MD. JhirulStudy of inter-cell interference and its impact on the quality of video conference traffic in LTE Network2013
Islam, Md. SamsulApplication of Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Neural Network) to Assess Credit Risk: A Predictive Model For Credit Card Scoring2009Master thesis

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