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Javaheri, Lian MirzzadehFaktorer som främjar eller hindrar förmågan till egenvård i syfte att uppnå livskvalitet hos patienter med hjärtsvikt2006Bachelor thesis
Javanmashmool, AmirBrand Value Creation Through Stakeholders 2010Master thesis
Javanmashmool, MaryamBrand Value Creation Through Stakeholders 2010Master thesis
Javanmashmool, MaryamAddressing the Barriers to Regional Electric Vehicle Projects through Stakeholder Engagement2012Master thesis
Javed, AnjumThe Impact of Context on Web QoE2013
Jayaraman, ArunkumarComparative Study of Virtual Machine Software Packages with Real Operating System 2012
Jayaraman, SrinivasanCentralized Support Node for Mobility Management in Cognitive Radio Networks2012
Jeansson, ThereseBrandväggar ur hemanvändarens perspektiv2002Bachelor thesis
Jeansson, ThereseBiometric methods and mobile access control2004Master thesis
Jeffsell, BjörnGame Balance by Scaling Damage: Scaling Game Difficulty by Changing Players Damage Output2013Bachelor thesis
Jegede, Ifeoluwa OlaitanBusiness Growth: A study of the Impact of Transformational Leadership, Innovation and Competence Management2011Master thesis
Jeleń, KrzysztofIntelligent Tourist Information System2008Master thesis
Jellbin, MariaSustainability in Toronto - a Personal Rapid Transit System and a Community Development Plan for Cherry Beach2009Master thesis
Jelveh, SaraFood retailing system & its influence on customer‘s behavior and perception of food products2008Master thesis
Jemal, AbdulfetaFracture Mechanics Applied in Thin Ductile Packaging Materials-Experiments with Simulations2011
Jenglér, JosefinKvinnans upplevelser av förlossningsdepression2008Bachelor thesis
Jenny, NemesDialog och delaktighet - en studie om balanserad stryrning i praktiken och dess påverkan på verksamheters lärande och utveckling2011Bachelor thesis
Jensen, ChristopherJämförelse mellan neurala nätverk baserad AI och state-of-the-art AI i racing spel2013Bachelor thesis
Jensen, Frida AleniusAfasi till följd av stroke - Individens livsvärldsperspektiv2010Bachelor thesis
Jensen, KimberlieUpplevelser av HIV - En analys av patografier2013
Jeppson, Anna-KarinTillgänglighet och offentliga rum - Torgbildning på Jättestensgatan2008Master thesis
Jeppsson, BertilAI-controlled life in Role-playing games2008Bachelor thesis
Jeppsson, HanneAnhörigas behov vid mötet med akut- och intensivvård2004Bachelor thesis
Jeppsson, MajaHälsoekonomiska utvärderingar av medicinteknik2014Bachelor thesis
Jeremiah, Ruben Johnson RobertCombining Beamforming and Blind Source Separation to Improve Source Separation Performance2013
Jernelid, MariaSix Sigma strategy applied to the pharmaceutical industry - how customers benefit2009Master thesis
Jeskanen, VarpumariaMotivation of Future Knowledge Workers: A Comparative Study of Engineering Students’ opinions on Work in Sweden and Finland2007Master thesis
Jessica, SjölanderVisualisation during Large-Scale Events: Technical Support for Volunteers2004Master thesis
Jiang, TaoDoes family business mean family operation? The study of the relationship between ownership and managerial authority in the transition period of Chinese family business 2009Master thesis

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