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Mahmud, ShahrearQos Performance Analysis: Design And Development Of Voice And Video Mobility Over Long Term Evaluation (Lte) Model2014
Mahmud, ZakariaSource of New and Advance Scientific Knowledge of Software Practitioners2014Master thesis
Mahrle, Marie-LouiseChefers motivation till förändringsarbete - en studie om Karlskrona kommuns personalprogram2006Bachelor thesis
Mahzoon, AlirezaManipulated Private and Public Spheres: The Use of Control Technologies by Totalitarian Regimes 2012Bachelor thesis
Mahzoun, Emanuel E.Good Vibrations: A vibrotactile aid toward music sensation aiming at helping deaf people2013
Maide, HelenaRepresenting new urban image: developments on brownfield areas in Tallinn and Budapest2007Master thesis
Maigne, RemiWeldless Flange Connections2004Bachelor thesis
Mairhofer, StefanSearch-based software testing and complex test data generation in a dynamic programming language2008Master thesis
Majeed, KashifFracture Toughness Analysis of Aluminium Foil and its Adhesion with LDPE for Packaging Industry 2012
Majeed, Muhammad Ehsan Mansoor;RashidAchieving Interoperability among Healthcare Organizations2010
Majeed, SalmanEvaluation of Collaborative Reputation System against Privacy-Invasive Software2007Master thesis
Majid, Muhammad AbdulBenchmarking of Financial Solutions Offered by Islamic Banks2011Master thesis
Makhalas, Kharsan AlWind Power2015
Makhdum, FarahSmarter City - A System to Systems2012
Makhunova, AngelikaKulturella skillnader och problem som kan uppstå vid vård av personer med annan kulturell bakgrund - en litteraturstudie2005Bachelor thesis
Makihara, YurieBarriers and Assets for Sustainability in Japanese Organizations2010Master thesis
Makki, Ahmed Hamza IbrahimPerformance Evaluation of Uplink Multiple Access Techniques in LTE Mobile Communication System2010
Makki, Ahmed Hamza IbrahimFixed Receiver Bi-Static SAR Image Formation Using C/A code and Global Back-Projection Algorithm2010
Makolli, VjosaDen icke-verbala kommunikationens betydelse i mötet mellan personer med talsvårigheter och sjuksköterskan – sjuksköterskans perspektiv2007Bachelor thesis
Makowska, ZofiaThe Baltic Sea Region City System - The Position of Warsaw2014Master thesis
Maksimovic, GordanaQuery Languages for Semi-structured Data2003Bachelor thesis
Malakauskiene, ReginaHealth related quality of life among seamen-focus on Lithuanian seamen2006Master thesis
Malesa, DawidElektronisk handel mellan privat och offentlig sektor2004Bachelor thesis
Malewski, AnnikaOutdoor Experiential Learning Processes: Engaging Influential Professionals in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability2013Master thesis
Malik, Abdul MubeenCommunication for adaptive control2010
Malik, Ahsan Nawaz & Kashif MasoodSoftware Testing Process in Agile Development2008Master thesis
Malik, Jawad AhmedPerformance Evaluation of Error Correcting Techniques for OFDM Systems2014
Malik, Naveed HussainFactors Effecting Small and Medium Enterprises, Selection of Market Entry Mode2010Master thesis
Malik, OmarPlanning and Analysis of Knowledge Intensive Enterprise Resource Planning Systems2008Master thesis
MALIK, WAQASVisual Semantic Web.Ontology based E-learning management system2008

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