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Agardh, JohannesDesigning Future Interaction with Today's Technology1999Master thesis
AGBOZO, ERICExploring the Financial Gap for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana: A Case Study of Ghana2012Master thesis
Agenyi, BenjaminMobile Banking and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries:A case study of Nigeria2013Master thesis
Aggrey-Bosu, SpencerThe impact of the Audit Commission on the management control systems of local authorities - The case of London Borough of Lambeth2011Master thesis
Aghdasi, AmirHosseinApplication of transmissibility measurement in estimation of modal parameters for a structure2013
Aghili, ShamimThe Qualitative Self in Uganda: with the Western influences2013Master thesis
Agnesson, AndersEn jämförelse mellan materiella investeringar och investeringar i kompetensutveckling2003Bachelor thesis
Agnevall, PaulaBerättarteknik i J.M. Coetzees Disgrace2004Bachelor thesis
Aguilar, DavidEnabling strategic change through business and IT alignment: Challenges for an organization’s management and leadership2014Master thesis
Agushi, CamrieInnovation inom Digital Rights Management2005Master thesis
Agyemang, FredElectronic Retail Payment Systems: User Acceptability & Payment Problems2004Master thesis
Ahlberg, Mårten24-timmarsmyndighetens användbarhet2004Bachelor thesis
Ahlberg, TomasAnti-Legionella system för tappvarmvatten system2007Master thesis
Ahlgren, EmilieÄldre personers upplevelser av att leva med cancer - En litteraturstudie2012
Ahlgren, JohanEn studie av inbyggda brandväggar - Microsoft XP och Red Hat Linux2003Bachelor thesis
Ahlgren, LisaVindkraft i Sveriges inland - Vindkraftsplan för Hylte kommun2008Master thesis
Ahlman, PerPersoners upplevelser av att leva med hjärtsvikt - NYHA- klass II-IV2013
Ahlquist, NinaFamiljens upplevelser av sin vardag när ett barn i familjen har autism - En litteraturstudie2013
Ahlqvist, ChristianHållfasthetsanalys och optimering av pressplatta i balpressar2013
Ahlqvist, JosephinePatienters upplevelser efter att ha insjuknat i sjukdomen stroke - En litteraturstudie2011
Ahlstedt, MikaelOpen innovation as a strategy for small high–tech companies2011Master thesis
Ahlstrand, AnnaPrim, Stadsförnyelse i Barcelona2008Master thesis
Ahlström, CatharinaHow to support and enhance communication - in a student software development project 2002Bachelor thesis
Ahlström, EllinorVårdande undervisning2005Bachelor thesis
Ahl, ViggoAn experimental comparison of five prioritization methods - Investigating ease of use, accuracy and scalability2005Master thesis
Ahmad, AleemUsability Evaluation of a Hypermedia System in Higher Education2008Master thesis
Ahmad, AmaisFuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning2010
Ahmad, ArshadThe Importance of Knowledge Management Practices in Overcoming the Global Software Engineering Challenges in Requirements Understanding2008Master thesis
Ahmad, AzeemEffective Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities in Global Software Development Teams2012
Ahmad, EhsanTowards Optimization of Software V&V Activities in the Space Industry [Two Industrial Case Studies]2009

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