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Afzal, JavedAchieving eHealth interoperability Via peer-to-peer communication Using JXTA Technology2010
Afzal, WasifMetrics in Software Test Planning and Test Design Processes2007Master thesis
Agadagba, EfeogheneIdentity Construction on Social Network Sites: Facebook2011Bachelor thesis
Agardh, AndreasMapping of grounding applications regarding Volvo S80/XC90, VCBC´s assortment.2004Bachelor thesis
Agardh, JohannesDesigning Future Interaction with Today's Technology1999Master thesis
AGBOZO, ERICExploring the Financial Gap for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana: A Case Study of Ghana2012Master thesis
Agenyi, BenjaminMobile Banking and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries:A case study of Nigeria2013Master thesis
Aggrey-Bosu, SpencerThe impact of the Audit Commission on the management control systems of local authorities - The case of London Borough of Lambeth2011Master thesis
Aghdasi, AmirHosseinApplication of transmissibility measurement in estimation of modal parameters for a structure2013
Aghili, ShamimThe Qualitative Self in Uganda: with the Western influences2013Master thesis
Agnesson, AndersEn jämförelse mellan materiella investeringar och investeringar i kompetensutveckling2003Bachelor thesis
Agnevall, PaulaBerättarteknik i J.M. Coetzees Disgrace2004Bachelor thesis
Agota, DanielDesigning customer rewards programs for repeated purchase using optimization methods2015Master thesis
Aguilar, DavidEnabling strategic change through business and IT alignment: Challenges for an organization’s management and leadership2014Master thesis
Agushi, CamrieInnovation inom Digital Rights Management2005Master thesis
Agyemang, FredElectronic Retail Payment Systems: User Acceptability & Payment Problems2004Master thesis
Ahlberg, Mårten24-timmarsmyndighetens användbarhet2004Bachelor thesis
Ahlberg, TomasAnti-Legionella system för tappvarmvatten system2007Master thesis
Ahlgren, EmilieÄldre personers upplevelser av att leva med cancer - En litteraturstudie2012
Ahlgren, JohanEn studie av inbyggda brandväggar - Microsoft XP och Red Hat Linux2003Bachelor thesis
Ahlgren, LisaVindkraft i Sveriges inland - Vindkraftsplan för Hylte kommun2008Master thesis
Ahlman, PerPersoners upplevelser av att leva med hjärtsvikt - NYHA- klass II-IV2013
Ahlquist, NinaFamiljens upplevelser av sin vardag när ett barn i familjen har autism - En litteraturstudie2013
Ahlqvist, ChristianHållfasthetsanalys och optimering av pressplatta i balpressar2013
Ahlqvist, JosephinePatienters upplevelser efter att ha insjuknat i sjukdomen stroke - En litteraturstudie2011
Ahlstedt, MikaelOpen innovation as a strategy for small high–tech companies2011Master thesis
Ahlstrand, AnnaPrim, Stadsförnyelse i Barcelona2008Master thesis
Ahlström, CatharinaHow to support and enhance communication - in a student software development project 2002Bachelor thesis
Ahlström, EllinorVårdande undervisning2005Bachelor thesis

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