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Dedic, AsimEvolving test-case selection at a large scale company2007Master thesis
Dehqan, Agri "Writing For the enemy": Kurdish Language standardization online 2014Bachelor thesis
Deku, AnthonyCavitation in Engine Cooling Fluid due to Piston-Cylinder Assembly Forces2006Master thesis
Delamarliere, MathieuBitumen Applicator2002Bachelor thesis
Delcomyn, AnneHur arbetar mikroföretag med ekonomistyrning?2012Bachelor thesis
Delgado, Sergio MelladoIndoor Positioning using the Android Platform2014Bachelor thesis
Dellor, DesmondEntrepreneurial Risk taking propensity and Performance: A case study of Owner-Managed companies in the Ghana Club 100.2009Master thesis
Dellqvist, HelénAnknytningsproblem - Mammans upplevelser2009Bachelor thesis
Demirsoy, AliUsing Semantic Knowledge Management Systems To Overcome Information Overload Problems In Software Engineering2013
Demissie, AtinkutA PMIPv6 Approach to Maintain Network Connectivity during VM Live Migration over the Internet2013
Denebo, PetraPrivacy - Plug the Internet Peep Hole2001Master thesis
Deng, HanzhuUsing the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to complement existing leadership training approaches2009Master thesis
Deng, HongyuAn Optimization Design for the Standard Manual Wheelchair2011
Denys, PaulSecurity of Personal Information in Cloud Computing: Identifying and mitigating against risks to privacy in the deployment of Enterprise Systems Applications on the Software as a Service platform 2012Master thesis
Deplante, MarineA Relational View into Sustainability: Change-Agent Experiences in Large Companies2014Master thesis
Dernaika, GhinaMultimedia Codec Evaluation and Overview2007Master thesis
Dervishaj, AbetareLångvarig stress på arbetsplatsen2014Bachelor thesis
Deutgen, ThérèseMedia and the priming of stereotypes: Direct effect of news articles racial stereotypes on individuals judgements of people of foreign extraction.2005Bachelor thesis
Devadoss, Woodrow Wilson WilsonWelded Frame Finite Element Modelling and Experimental Modal Analysis2013
Devaraya, SudhakarThe RED Algorithm – Averaged Queue Weight Modeling for Non Linear Traffic2010
Deva, FatonA Future Wine Cluster in Kosova?2007Master thesis
DEVUNURI, PRIYANKAImplementation of No-Reference Image Quality Assessment in Contourlet Domain2014
Dewangga, AnastasiaSocial Responsibility Guidelines & Sustainable Development: Integrating a Common Goal of a Sustainable Society2008Master thesis
Dey, Ajoy KumarAcoustic Beamforming: Design and Development of Steered Response Power With Phase Transformation (SRP-PHAT).2011
Dey, Palash-KishoreEffects of the Post Multi-Fiber Agreement on Bangladesh Readymade Garments Sector2009Master thesis
Dhakal, PrabeshPerceptual Video Quality Assessment Tool2014Bachelor thesis
Dhakal, RajendraPerformance Analysis of DF Relay Systems with Keyhole and Correlation Effects2011
Diallo, AissataCorporate social responsibility and stakeholder management in Unilever Ghana ltd2011Master thesis
Diaz, MiguelDEJANDO HUELLAS - Upplevelsen kring arbetet med musikgrupper från Colombia2008Bachelor thesis

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