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Abdelsamad, DeenaVideo Transmission Jerkiness Measure
Abideen, ZainulPC Based wireless stepper motor control
Ankam, SrikanthA Comparison of RTMP and HTTP Protocols with respect to Packet Loss and Delay Variation based on QoE
Ayichiluhm, TheodrosIPv6 Monitoring and Flow Detection
Bahrieh, SaraSensor Central / Automotive Systems
Bartaula, Jyoti PrasadEmotion Recognition from EEG Signals using Machine Learning
Bedasso, Aliye TukeEmotion Recognition from EEG Signals using Machine Learning
Chekwube, Zikora AzubuikeBuilding a timer controller circuit, with password access
Cherry, VelanginichakravarthyEffect of Network OFF Times on Web Browsing QoE
CHE, JUNDesign on Hybrid RFID & Ultrasound Based 2D Indoor Positioning System
Choudhury, Noor Uddin AhmadDesign and Implementation of an Open Architecture Framework for Live Video and Image Processing
Chowdhury, Mohammed Nazmul HaiderStudy of inter-cell interference and its impact on the quality of video conference traffic in LTE Network
Demissie, AtinkutA PMIPv6 Approach to Maintain Network Connectivity during VM Live Migration over the Internet
Enohnyaket, John AkoAn Investigation of RF Pollution Caused by IEEE 802.15.4 Body Area Networks


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