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Abdurazakov, AskarImplementation of OpenStack and CDMI data storage protocols based on existing web server and file system API.
AHMAD, MUHAMMAD ZEESHANComparative Analysis of Iptables and Shorewall
Ahmad, WaqasIris localization using Daugman's algorithm
Ali, WajahatResponse Time Effects on Quality of Security Experience
Aruchamy, LogabharathiAnalysis of Radio Access Network Bu ffer Filling Based on Real Network Data
Azharuddin, MohammedPerformance, Maintainability and Implementation Cost for Different Software Platforms in a Network Management System
BHUIYAN, RAISULDevelopment of ADQ214 user interface in labVIEW.
Carmona, Manuel BejaranoA simple and low cost platform to perform Power Analysis Attacks
Donkena, KaushikPerformance Evaluation of Cloud Database and Traditional Database in terms of Response Time while Retrieving the Data
Garlapati, NaveenEvaluation of Power Conservation Algorithms in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Ghahyazi, Mohammad EghbaliMeasuring of One-Way Delay in Wireless Mesh Networks
GILANI, HASSANDevelopment of ADQ214 user interface in labVIEW.
Hossen, Md.ShowketQoS Performance Evaluation of Video Conferencing over LTE


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