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Anjorin, Joshua AdetunjiBusiness Models: Assessment of the dynamic aspects and non-dynamic aspects
Chikumbo, IreneAn Emerging Innovation Agenda: Leveraging Intrapreneur’s Influence on the Dynamic Capabilities of a Company
Efremovska, IrenaAn Emerging Innovation Agenda: Leveraging Intrapreneur’s Influence on the Dynamic Capabilities of a Company
Govindaraju, NavaneethanBusiness Plan Design: Green Touch
Kogure, MisatoBusiness Plan "Portal Site of Japanese Popular Culture"
Liao, GuangyuanSmile Future Tutorial Service Business Plan
Mamo, BereketCompetence Sharing in Transnational project teams of permanent character
Minh, Hien Nguyen ThiB2B2B User Interaction and Innovation: A Framework for Complex Customer Relationship Management
Ozsan, Mehmet FurkanEntrepreneurial Project of a Business Plan
Pallati, RakeshBusiness Plan Design: Green Touch
Pourhamidi, AmirIdentifying and Ranking of Critical Success Factors for Biotech Start-ups- An Empirical Study of Biotechnology Firms in Sweden


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