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Goh, Wan AiApplying Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Software Quality Assessment
Gomez, ArturoDIM - A systematic and lightweight method for identifying dependencies between requirements
Hardi, JosefSituated Learning among Open Source Software Developers: The Case of Google Chrome Project
Lu, QifeiA Method for Analyzing Security of SOA-basd Systems
Moriggl, IreneIntelligent Code Inspection using Static Code Features - An approach for Java
Nguyen, Thi Thanh LoanThe creation of Uni-REPM A universal model for assessing requirements engineering process maturity
Nha, Vi Tran NgocIdentification and Analysis of Combined Quality Assurance Approaches
Phaphoom, NattakarnPair Programming and Software Defects - A Case Study
Rueda, GemaDIM - A systematic and lightweight method for identifying dependencies between requirements
Tribus, HannesStatic Code Features for a Machine Learning based Inspection - An approach for C
Tshering, NimaFac tExtraction For Ruby On Rails Platform


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