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Hide details for Masters Programme in Urban DesignMasters Programme in Urban Design
Fu, XuejunPlanning and Design of Earthquake Disaster Relief Corridor in Stricken Cities —— Taking the design of the Yucheng District, Ya’an as application case
Gu, ShuxinTHE CREATION OF A NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD COMMUNITY IN A FORMER INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE AREA BY MIXING AND MATCHING - A Sustainable Residential Regeneration of Nanjing Chenguang 1865 Science-Technology and Creativity Industrial Park
Hansson, Jan-OlofParticipation in Practice
Hoogduyn, RickUrban Acupuncture "Revitalizing urban areas by small scale interventions"
Hou, MengyuHow Can Protection of the Ming City Wall in Nanjing Improve the Urban Spatial Form of Nanjing City?
Li, ShanResearch and Application of Urban Function, Aesthetic Expression and Human Behavior on Commercial Street in Chinese Old Downtown Area -- Renovation of Nanjing Zhujiang Road
Li, ShujingThe renewal of hollow village A research and proposal of Erhai area in YunNan, China
SU, QINResearch and Application of the Locus and Urban Catalyst Theory in the Renewal of Chinese Traditional Districts---Urban Renewal of Yinxiang District in Nanjing, China
Vainoriute, EgleRevitalization of brownfields by participatory process in Vilnius, Lithuania. Stakeholder analysis and case study in Markučiai and Paplauja territory.
Xie, ZeqingRevitalization of Urban Village --An analysis of case-study in Tengzi village, Nanjing
Yngvesson, RobertPromoting physical activities in urban landscapes - A case study of Rosenholm, Karlskrona, Sweden
Yuan, HongxiangUrban Nightscape and Nightscape Lighting Analysis and Evaluations on Typical Nightscape Cases in Nanjing
Åkerberg, NiklasUrban farming and its relation to Public Space - Theorizing the potential for strengthen the urban life in Hallonbergen, Sweden
Show details for Mathematical Modelling and SimulationMathematical Modelling and Simulation
Show details for MBA programmet/MBA programmeMBA programmet/MBA programme
Show details for Medieteknik med inr. mot interaktiva system/MediatechniquesMedieteknik med inr. mot interaktiva system/Mediatechniques
Show details for Programvaruteknik/Software EngineeringProgramvaruteknik/Software Engineering
Show details for Samhällsvetarprogrammet för lärande, utveckling och kommunikationSamhällsvetarprogrammet för lärande, utveckling och kommunikation
Show details for Samhällsvetarprogrammet för organisation och samhällsförvaltningSamhällsvetarprogrammet för organisation och samhällsförvaltning
Show details for Sjuksköterskeprogrammet/Study programme in NursingSjuksköterskeprogrammet/Study programme in Nursing
Show details for Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering
Show details for Specialistsjuksköterskeprogram/Programme for Specialist NursingSpecialistsjuksköterskeprogram/Programme for Specialist Nursing
Show details for Spelprogrammering/Digital Game DevelopmentSpelprogrammering/Digital Game Development
Show details for Strategic Leadership Towards SustainabilityStrategic Leadership Towards Sustainability
Show details for Säkerhetsteknik/Security EngineeringSäkerhetsteknik/Security Engineering
Show details for Technical artist i spel/Technical artist for gamesTechnical artist i spel/Technical artist for games
Show details for Utvecklingsingenjör i maskinteknikUtvecklingsingenjör i maskinteknik
Show details for Webbprogrammering/Web ProgrammingWebbprogrammering/Web Programming
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