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Andersson, AlveAtt sticka ut i mängden - En studie av tekniker för variation av instansierade modeller
Faleij, MarcusCascaded Deferred Rendering
Fornander, PerGame Mechanics Integrated with a Lindenmayer System
Ivannikov, AlexanderCascaded Deferred Rendering
Jeffsell, BjörnGame Balance by Scaling Damage: Scaling Game Difficulty by Changing Players Damage Output
Karlsson, RobinImproving Baked Textures as a Content Creator
Liljekvist, Pontus HolmertzReal-Time Tessellation A Region of Interest Based Technique Suited for Game Applications
Rudvi, EmilDigital Game Mechanics - to create an analog board game prototype
Södergren, GunnarExploring Need-based AI Behaviour and its Effect on the Game Experience of Neverwinter Nights
Wadstein, ErikArtistic Techniques to Influence Navigational Behavior in 3D-Games
Zsigmond, AndreasReal-Time Tessellation A Region of Interest Based Technique Suited for Game Applications
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