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Hide details for Civilingenjör i datateknik, programvaruteknik/Civilingenjör i datateknik, programvaruteknik/
Gullberg, NiklasBlum Blum Shub on the GPU
Olsson, MikaelBlum Blum Shub on the GPU
Hide details for Civilingenjörsprogram i industriell ekonomiCivilingenjörsprogram i industriell ekonomi
Karlsson, SimonRoutine Child Vaccination in Uganda: Designing a vaccination service delivery model
Malmquist, DanielA probabilistic pricing model for a company's projects
Österberg, ViktorElectric Vehicle Charging Station Markets: An analysis of the competitive situation
Hide details for Civilingenjörsprogram i maskinteknikCivilingenjörsprogram i maskinteknik
Dai., ZhiminIntelligent system of Roxtec sealing product
Ermstål, JohanCorrelation and Verification of Homogenized Material Properties for Heat Exchanger Simulations by EMA and FEA
Larsson, IsakDesign and Development of Sealing Solutions for a newly invented Pulp Press
Leijon, NiklasRörligt Målspel
Leonel, Akoto ChamaHaptic Obstacle Avoidance System Development: Generation of an Infrastructure
Ni, YimingIntelligent system of Roxtec sealing product
Oskar, SundhFörbättrad leveranssäkerhet av reservdelar från PVS till SDC-L
Rebecka, HerbertssonFörbättrad leveranssäkerhet av reservdelar från PVS till SDC-L
Wang, KaiIntelligent system of Roxtec sealing product
Hide details for Data- och systemvetenskapData- och systemvetenskap
Jönsson, JesperW3C Geolocation API ur ett utvecklarperspektiv
Hide details for Datavetenskapligt program/Computer ScienceDatavetenskapligt program/Computer Science
Abghari, ShahroozOpen Data for Anomaly Detection in Maritime Surveillance
Ali, HazratA Performance Evaluation of RPL in Contiki
Ali, LiaqatEvaluation of Accessibility Through Mobile Phones
Ali, WaqasCase Study Of Mobile Internet User Experience
Amin, Muhammad FaisalWeb Server Performance Evaluation in Cloud Computing and Local Environment
Anwar, NaveedWeb Site Usability, Technical and Social Perspectives
Bajwa, Kamran AliEvaluation of Idempotency & Block Size of Data on the Performance of Normalized Compression Distance Algorithm
Beyene, AyneConcept Drift in Surgery Prediction


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