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Adhikari, Suyog Man SinghNetwork Performance of HTML5 Web Application in Smartphone
Aftab, AdnanSpectrum sensing through implementation of USRP2
AL-MAMUN, ABDULLAHCognitive Radio for Short Range Systems based on Ultra-Wideband
Ali, ShahidOPNET Analysis of VoIP over MPLS VPN with IP QoS
Awais, MuhammadMultichannel Wiener Filtering for Speech Enhancement in Modulation Domain
Azam, MuhammadMethods for Recovery of Missing Speech Packets
Aziz, Md. TariqPerformance Evaluation of Real–Time Applications over DiffServ/MPLS in IPv4/IPv6 Networks
Babu, Md. JewelEnd-to-End Delay Performance Evaluation for VoIP in the LTE network
Bandreddy, PavanPerceptual Video Quality Assessment Tool
Basa, SridharSNR Estimation for Preamble-based Wireless OFDM Systems using Extended Kalman Filter
Dey, Ajoy KumarAcoustic Beamforming: Design and Development of Steered Response Power With Phase Transformation (SRP-PHAT).
Dhakal, RajendraPerformance Analysis of DF Relay Systems with Keyhole and Correlation Effects
Ding, YuanTDD Linear Precoding Methods for Next Generation Mobile Communication Systems
DUBHASI, CHANDRAKANTHExperimental evaluation setup to Measure Inductor Current in a Buck Converter
EHIMIAGHE, ODIONPerformance Analysis of an ISP-based Distributed Sloppy Hash Table
Faisal, MohammedDevelopment of a GB-SAR System and Perform Basic and Advance Measurements for a Fixed Target
Ghadami, SoheilThe Evaluation of the Gaussian Mixture Probability Hypothesis Density Filter Applied in a Stereo Vision System
Gurung, AshikCode Shift Reference Impulse Based Cooperative UWB Communication System


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