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Bao, XiaomingFrom declined industrial areas to humanized public areas --a renewal practice of preservation and humanized reconstruction of Shanghai Yangpu Auxiliary Equipment factory
Bergqvist, FredrikTHE FUTURE OF JIAGANG CUN - development of an Urban village in Nanjing
Bruce, ChristianTransit Oriented Development in China: Designing a new transit oriented neighbourhood in Hexi New Town, Nanjing, based on Hong Kong case studies
Dai, QiushaResearch on Cultural Continuity in Historical District Renewal
Hjalmarsson, ÅkeRedesigning Palacky Square to Stimulate Social Interaction
HUANG, JINGWalkability in Public Space: An alley-oriented study towards pedestrian-friendly
Kong, LuyaoBreak the Green Belt? The differences between green belt and its alternative green wedge: A comparative study of London and Stockholm
Linders, Per-ErikThe expansion of the South Railway line through Lund and the district of Klostergården. - A study of the local impact of a national infrastructural development
Liu, JianxiaoThe New Urbanism as a theory and its contemporary application in China -----Redesign a residential project in Beijing
Li, TengHuman Scale Development: The common goal is that Varvsstaden in Västra Hamnen should be an attractive neighborhood with human scale strategy.
Madzule-Bajare, AgneseReclaiming streets to pedestrians and cyclists in the Bund area, in Huangpu district, Shanghai
Ma, HaipingResearch and Application on HOPSCA model in suburb area
Qian, WeiInvestigation of Genius Loci Theory on Historic Commercial Blocks in China
Tomtlund, PeterOrientation in underground pedestrian systems: A case study from Nanjing, China
Vahdani, SiamakDesigning a New Neighborhood by Retrofitting Szamoty - According to New Urbanism Placemaking Principles
Wang, YinyangUrban Waterfront VS Suburb, Different Characteristics of Public Space of Malmö city —A comparative study about public space of Västra Hamnen and Hyllie in Malmö
Yang, QingLively Streets and Better Social Life
Zhang, WeiLocal Culture on the Reuse of old Buildings in Industrial Area
Zhou, YuanThe Research and Application of the Urban Organic Update Theory in Historic Conservation Districts Regeneration
, Mohana murugan PeriannanA research about Digital social networks influence in Urban spaces, Case study – Stortorget, Lilla torg & Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö, Sweden
Show details for Matematik och Datavetenskap/mathematics and Computer ScienceMatematik och Datavetenskap/mathematics and Computer Science
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