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ABDUL, ASMEER BABUImproving the Quality of Multicast Networks by Using the OPNET Modeler
Afaq, MuhammadPerformance Analysis of Selected Cooperative Relaying Techniques
AHMED, RASHEDSimulation Based Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols and TCP Variants in MANET
Ali, AsadPerformance Analysis of AODV, DSR and OLSR in MANET
Ali, SajjadPerformance Analysis of AODV, DSR and OLSR in MANET
Anjelo, Wendwossen WorkuPerformance Comparison of EIGRP/ IS-IS and OSPF/ IS-IS
Anwar, KhurshidAC and QAR for Provisioning of QoS in MANETs
Asghar, GulfamSecurity Issues of SIP
Ashique, Md. Ahsan UllahSimulation-Based Comparative Study of EIGRP and OSPF for Real-Time Applications
Azam, AdnanSpectrum Optimization in Cognitive Radio Networks using Genetic Algorithms
Azmi, Qanit JawedSecurity Issues of SIP
Baig, Mirza HamidPerformance Evaluation of MANET using MPLS
Bhamidipati, Vasanthi DwarakaEffect of Delay/Delay Variation on QoE in Video Streaming
Bhuiya, Monirul IslamPerformance Evaluation of DHTs for Mobile Environment
Burra, Sudhir KumarUser Scheduling Algorithm for MU-MIMO System with limited feedback
Choudhary, Muhammad Abdul RehmanA Step Forward Towards 3D TV
Dinne, HarishTwo Way Mobile Authentication System
Ekhator, StephenEvaluating Kismet and NetStumbler as Network Security Tools & Solutions.
Faheem, Sahibzada MuhammadPerformance Analysis of Selected Cooperative Relaying Techniques
Faisal, ShahPerformance Analysis of 4G Networks
Garapati, NagarajeshQuality Estimation of YouTube Video Service
Gillani, Syed Fakhar Uz ZamanInvestigation of End User IPTV Quality for Content Delivered in MPEG-2 Transport Stream


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