Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Distributed Computing

Managing Data Location in Cloud Computing (Evaluating Data localization frameworks in Amazon Web Services)Vijay Kokkonda,
Krishna Sandeep Taduri
A Method for Membership Card Generation Based on Clustering and Optimization Models in A HypermarketChen Xiaojun,
Premlal Bhattrai
A Multi-Agent System for playing the board game RiskFredrik Olsson
A Multi-Agent System for playing the board game RiskFredrik Olsson
A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal ManagementSyed Sikandar Bakht,
Qazi Sohail Ahmad
A practical approach toward architectures for open computational systemsJimmy Carlsson
A Study on Cloud Computing Security ChallengesSantosh Bulusu,
Kalyan Sudia
An agent based protocol for parallel negotiation of dependent resourcesOmme Kulsumunnessa,
Zaruhi Aslanyan 
An approach for performance measurements in distributed CORBA applicationsMarcus Holgersson
An ISD study of Extreme Information Management challenges in IoT Systems - Case: The “OpenSenses”eHealth/Smarthome project Johan M Karlstedt
Ansökan om körkortstillstånd via InternetMathias Andreasson,
Wynona Ekesrydh,
Pia Nielsen,
Mattias Schertell
Application of data warehousing and data mining in forecasting cancer diseases threatsDominik Smoliński
Att agera som IT facilitator inom en IntensivvårdsavdelningMarcus Emilson,
Viktor Bergqvist
Automated Live Migration of Virtual MachinesAndreas Glad,
Mattias Forsman
Automation of data processing in the network of geospatial web servicesDawid Nejman
Cloud Computing - Trends and Performance IssuesAli Al-Refai,
Srinivasreddy Pandiri
Cloud Computing Organizational Benefits: A Managerial concernVenkata Bhaskar Reddy Mandala,
Marepalli Sharat Chandra
Comparative Analysis of Static Recovery Schemes for Distributed ComputingRashid Husain,
Syed Muhammad Husnain Kazmi
Comparison of Enterprise Java Beans and .NET from a Component Point of ViewJimmy Persson
Component Reusability Analysis for Exchanging Electronic Health RecordsJaechang Nam
Control System for a Remote Electronics LaboratoryAnders Rosen,
Kristian Nilsson
Cooperative Defense Against DDoS Attack using GOSSIP ProtocolImran Sohail,
Sikandar Hayat
Cost-effectiveness of tenant-based allocation model in SaaS applications running in a public Cloud.Wojciech Stolarz
Decentralized Architecture for Load Balancing in District Heating SystemsGerman Darío Rivas Rodriguez
Denial of Service on SIP VoIP infrastructures using DNS floodingGe Zhang
Design of an Algorithm for Aircraft Detection and Tracking with a Multi-coordinate VAUDEO SystemEfrén Andrés Estrella Terneux
Designing for Awareness and Accountability with Tangible ComputingMathias Dahlström,
Elin Heinstedt
Directory scalability in multi-agent based systemsShahid Hussain,
Hassan Shabbir
Distributed Data Management Supporting Healthcare Workflow from Patients’ Point of ViewTarek Ayoubi
Document-Based Databases In Platform SW Architecture For Safety Related Embedded SystemNahid Seidi



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