Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Industriell ekonomi - Industrial Management and Engineering

A probabilistic pricing model for a company's projectsDaniel Malmquist
Analys av processer och verktyg för ärendehantering vid Saab Bofors Dynamics AB, Underwater Systems eftermarknad.Magnus Dannemyr
Be in the Loop: Circular Economy & Strategic Sustainable Development Nicola Bechtel,
Roman Bojko,
Ronja Völkel 
Business Models: Assessment of the dynamic aspects and non-dynamic aspectsJoshua Adetunji Anjorin,
Poornima Vandhana Ravi
Designing and Implementing Process Management in R&D; A Practical Application in the Flooring IndustryAndrej Smailagic,
Sandro Smailagic
Development of a Systems Dynamics model to assess the value of alternative manufacturing technologies Cheng Tao,
Chengqi Li
Diffusion of Nanotechnology to Businesses(Survey Nine Nordic Universities)Maryam Enjelasi
Do managers that coach become better leaders? An exploration into the relationship between managerial coaching and leader developmentEsteban Gomez,
Ryan Gunn
Driving Strategic Transformation: Case of Service Delivery in Telecom IndustryKoorosh Shahdaei
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Markets: An analysis of the competitive situationViktor Österberg
Förbättring av innovationsarbetet hos Vida PackagingAndreas Petersson
Förstudie och design av simuleringssystem för automatisk kreditgivningsprocessVictor Ramström
How to motivate employees in order to succeed with Open Innovation ProjectsPatrik Bergschöld,
Martin Källgren
Job Motivation and Associated Factors among Health Workers in Urban Public Hospitals in Tanzania, March – June 2007 Hamisi Kigwangalla
Life cycle cost analysis -With focus on the floor types, linoleum and vinyl with or without PUR reinforced surface Martin Miletic,
Andreas Samuelsson
Låssystem: En analys av marknaden och dess aktörer i Karlskrona kommunDavid Persson
Management of Motivation and Innovativeness in the Service Industries Simon Leung
Mobile Banking and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries:A case study of NigeriaBenjamin Agenyi
Motivating knowledge workersAndreas de Haan,
Magnus Dahlberg
Organizational Ambidexterity: Balancing Exploitation and Exploration in OrganizationsMert Yigit
Poker E-Sports Reflection CoverStefan Karlsson
Prevalent business model elements in the startup stageJuanita Casas,
Paula Cuevas
Principer för MiljöbokslutKreshnik Mucolli
Resource Consumption of Additive Manufacturing TechnologyNanond Nopparat,
Babak Kianian
Routine Child Vaccination in Uganda: Designing a vaccination service delivery modelSimon Karlsson
Rutiner för investeringsprojekt - En handbok för ABBs projektmall Project Method for InvestementsMarika Jörgensen
Silicon Roundabout: An agglomeration economy in East LondonJon Fransson
The effects of environmental uncertainty conditions on organisational innovativeness and performance of SMEs.Lana Abdallah,
Mattias Persson
XLPE-cable Production Optimization - Setup time Reduction at Armoring lineBjörn Hedlund


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