Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Maskinteknik - Mechanical Engineering: Structural Dynamics

A Pre-Study of the Tearing Behaviour of the Flexible Materials-towards Efficiency PackagingMohammed Jalaluddin Hyder,
Hameeduddin Ahmed
Adhesive Intense Body StructureJavad Esmaeili
Aeroelastic Simulation of small wind turbine using HAWC2Sudheesh Sureshkumar
Analysis of a Mechanical System Containing WiresYi Cen,
Bo Yuan,
Shuo Zhang
Analysis of Loader Arm of Pneumatic High speed LoaderSuresh Arunachalam,
Mohammed Naser Farooqui
Analysis of Nonlinear systems with Zero Memory & Determination Limit of ChaosHailay Kiros Kelele
Analysis of the Behaviour of Standing Acoustic Waves in a Cubically Nonlinear Medium.Chinenye Igweokpala,
Onyema Umegboro
Analytical and Experimental Vibration Analysis of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite BeamOluseun A. Adediran
Application of Ibragimov's method and Noether's theorem for constructing conservation laws of the linear elasticity modelPouya Sinaian
Application of transmissibility measurement in estimation of modal parameters for a structureAmirHossein Aghdasi
Cavitation in Engine Cooling Fluid due to Piston-Cylinder Assembly ForcesAnthony Deku,
Subramanya Kompella
Adelere Oluwafemi. A.
Connection between ultrasonic waves and the electrical capacitance for Granite and Plexiglas.Thijs Witterzeel
Correlation and Verification of Homogenized Material Properties for Heat Exchanger Simulations by EMA and FEAJohan Ermstål
Correlation of a FE-model of a truck heat exchanger with EMAVaradarajan Sureshram
Coupled Dynamic 3D Simulation of Short Circuit Forces PRITESH DULABHAI HADIYA
Crack detection using Non- Linear Wave Modulation SpectroscopyKristofer Larsson,
Andreas Silverbris
Design and Dynamic Analysis of a Space Frame for Acoustic MeasurementsTommi Paananen
Design and Research of Structural Health Monitoring System for Stayed Cable Bridge Based on LabWindows/CVIZhang Ping
Design of Experimental Setup for Hydrodynamic Thin Film Pressure StudyMuhammad Ishfaq Khan
Development and Validation of Dynamic Belt Transmission Model in Dymola Masoud Vahedi
Dynamic analysis of cracks in Composite MaterialsVidya Sagar Avadutala
Dynamic Behaviour of a Soil Compaction Tamping MachineJens Borg,
Anders Engström
Dynamic Characteristics of a Pendulum SystemAndrés Lorente Vergara
Dynamic model of freight wagonSaeed Hossein Nia
Easy functions cupboard design for elderly peopleWen Shi,
Ruichen Guo,
Shangdong Shi
Effect of Fluid Domain Remeshing on Fluid-Structure InteractionMohammed Basheer Dawood Suhail
Equivalent Dynamics Model of Ballasted Track BedSaid Daoud,
Xie Guowei,
Liu Xiaoming
FEM Simulations of Induction Hardening ProcessHeng Liu
Finite Element Modeling of Dynamic Properties of Power Supply for an Industrial ApplicationMostafa Mohammadnejad,
Mahdi Ghazvini



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