About publishing in Arkiv EX

English folder logo1. When your degree project has been passed, you go to the Arkiv EX link Lägg in/Submit" and fill out the bibliographic data in all required fields.

If the project has been authored by several students, ony one entry (per project) should be created. If a project is authored by students from different degree programmes, you must enter information about all the programmes.

2. When you click on the function "Send in" an email to the student administrator at respective School is automatically generated. The student administrator controls that the bibliographic information entered is correct. If anything is wrong or missing you will be contacted for corrections.

Check who is your student administrator

3. Your examinator sends a file with your passed degree project to the student administrator who then attach this to the bibliographic information you already filled out.

4. After the degree project has been published in Arkiv EX the student administrator will report the final grade in LADOK.

About Arkiv EX

By publishing the thesis in the archive it becomes easily accessible and searchable. Not only for future employers, but also for students in Sweden and the rest of the world.

The archive is meant to function as a tool for future archiving and handling of BTH's theses, with all information gathered in one place for increased accessibility and use.

Arkiv Ex is OAI-compatible, which means that the archive will be available to other OAI-compatible databases in Sweden and around the world in the future, see http://www.openarchives.org/ .

To view fulltext documents in this archive you may need either the Acrobat Reader or the Microsoft Word Viewer, Microsoft Power Point Viewer or the Frame Reader. All these programs are freeware. Download them by clicking the names.

For questions and comments about the electronic theses archive, contact:

Lena Ålenius,
The Library
Tel:0455-38 51 18

Sofia Swartz,
The Library
Tel:0455-38 51 29



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