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Heritage planning in Malmö and Rotterdam09/19/2014
Co-creation in complex supply chains: th09/17/2014
fulltextWhat do we know about software developme09/17/2014
Noise reduction in whisper speech based 09/16/2014
RFID - Hybrid Scene Analysis-Neural Netw09/16/2014
fulltextContemporary Approaches to Activity Theo09/12/2014
Learning through Situated Innovation. Wh09/10/2014
How Remote Labs Impact on Courses Outcom09/09/2014
On Descriptive and Predictive Models for09/08/2014
fulltextNo-reference image and video quality ass09/04/2014
fulltextA General Architecture For Developing A 09/03/2014
fulltextAn IOT Architecture For Home-based Elder09/03/2014
fulltextBuilding up a Virtual Community for Home09/01/2014
fulltextHeterogeneous Systems Testing Techniques08/28/2014

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