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Adaptation Spinoffs from Technological a11/20/2014
Adapting remote labs to learning scenari11/20/2014
Best relay selection for underlay cognit11/20/2014
Bio-inspired metaheuristic based visual 11/20/2014
Critical success factors and cluster evo11/20/2014
Enhancement of remotely controlled labor11/20/2014
Experiences with deploying VISIR at Al-Q11/20/2014
fulltextIn press: Handover of managerial respons11/20/2014
In press: How Local are Spatial Density 11/20/2014
Managing uncertainty and ambiguity in ga11/20/2014
Performance of cognitive decode-and-forw11/20/2014
Swedish spatial planning: A blunt instru11/20/2014
The role of universities in inclusive in11/20/2014
Transmit antenna selection for interfere11/20/2014
Ulcer pain in patients with venous leg u11/20/2014
VISIR work in progress11/20/2014
In press: Advances in tools, techniques 11/19/2014
fulltextIn press: Systematic leadership towards 11/19/2014
Synthesizing Cross-Ambiguity Functions U11/19/2014
fulltextThe Choquet Integral Applied to Ranking 11/19/2014
fulltextUpright Stiff: subproblem updating in th11/19/2014
fulltextBecoming An Innovative Company: Assessin11/18/2014
fulltextBuilding a pathway for innovation: Lesso11/18/2014
Entrepreneurship and innovation networks11/18/2014
fulltextOn Power Consumption of Wireless Sensor 11/17/2014
fulltextPerformance Analysis of Randomized Distr11/17/2014
fulltextPerformance Evaluation of Cognitive Mult11/17/2014
fulltextPerformance of Cognitive Radio Networks 11/17/2014
fulltextWireless Information and Power Transfer 11/17/2014
fulltextAchievable Secrecy Capacity in an Underl11/15/2014

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