FW: permission to self archive?

Arlette Liberatore

2008-06-06 21:27                                                     

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Dear Peter,

Our Publisher has granted you general permission to publish SIAM conference articles in your repository under the conditions referenced below.  Please contact me if there is anything more that I can do for you.


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Subject: permission to self archive?


"You may post an electronic version of your SIAM research paper on your institutional Internet server for limited noncommercial distribution, provided that proper notice of SIAM's copyright is included and that no separate or additional fees are collected for access to or distribution of the work apart from Internet access fees which may be paid to an Internet access provider."






  Re: permission to self archive


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 2008-06-06 21:55


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From: Jacqueline Hansson      Date: 06/06/2008                      

Subject: Re: permission to          Send To: Peter Linde <>

 self archive                                                        

Dear Peter Linde

...  Whenever you wish to place your staff's papers

IEEE copyrighted papers on your site, you will need to send the following information about the papers: the IEEE publication titles, article title (s), and author name(s).  You can request this periodically when you are ready to ask for perhaps fifty titles or less, if you need the permission sooner. Finally, we cannot grant "blanket" permissions, that is permission to use an unspecified number of IEEE copyrighted articles or papers.

 lease be assured that your request will be handled expeditiously and favorably upon our receiving the necessary information.

 Sincerely yours,

 Jacqueline Hansson

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