List of Free Science Resources

Below you will find a handful of free, more or less scientific and very subjective selection of resources that I´ve come across during the years. The list has been expanded by students in several distance courses i´ve managed on the subject electronic publishing. When you dive down into the surf for these resources you will undoubtedly find better and newer sites. Please, if you do – forward the link to me!

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Catalogues, Repositories, Search Engines / Education / Medicine / Journal- & Publisher Resources / Entertainment / Economics & Statistics / Environment, Ecology / Chemistry & Physics / Research & Researchers / Political Science, Developing Countries / Language / Information- and Computer Science – Technology Engineering / Humanities & Social Sciences / Mathematics / Law / Agriculture & Fishing / Maps / Open Access Initiative




Aardvark - Asian Resources for Librarians

This site has thousands of links to Asian university libraries and over 450 links to Asian databases on the Web (most of them free), conference listings, and much much more. You can get to it at e-print archive

ArXiv is an e-print service in the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, and quantitative biology. The contents of arXiv conform to Cornell University academic standards. arXiv is owned, operated and funded by Cornell University, a private not-for-profit educational institution. ArXiv is also partially funded by the National Science Foundation.


Australasian Digital Thesis Program

The aim of the ADT program is to establish a distributed database of digital versions of theses produced by the postgraduate research students at Australian universities. The theses will be available worldwide via the web. The ideal behind the program is to provide access to, and promote Australian research to the international community.


BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

BASE is the name of the multi-disciplinary search engine for scientifically relevant web resources which was created and developed by Bielefeld University Library.

British Library web catalogs

Here is the second most comprehensive library catalog in the world. On this page you will also find links to other collection in the British Library.

Caltech Collection of Open Digital Archives (CODA)

Caltech CODA uses the Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). It gives access to different scientific document archives at Caltech, mainly computer and engineering science. Caltech CODA runs on freely available electronic archiving software. The Caltech ETD collection runs on ETD-db software developed at Virginia Tech; all other collections run on EPrints software developed at the University of Southampton.


Rather than creating just another digital library, CiteSeer attempts to provide algorithms, metadata, services, techniques, and software that can be used in other digital libraries. CiteSeer indexes PostScript and PDF research articles on the Web, and provides for example citation indexing.

Codices Electronici Sangallenses (CESC)

The purpose of the “Codices Electronici Sangallenses” (Digital Abbey Library of St. Gallen) is to provide access to the medieval codices in the Abbey Library of St. Gallen by creating a virtual library.

At the moment, the virtual library contains 144 manuscripts.



Is an electronic archive run by University of Southampton, UK, for self-archive papers in any area of Psychology, neuroscience, and Linguistics, and many areas of Computer Science (e.g., artificial intelligence, robotics, vison, learning, speech, neural networks), Philosophy (e.g., mind, language, knowledge, science, logic), Biology (e.g., ethology, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, behaviour genetics, evolutionary theory), Medicine (e.g., Psychiatry, Neurology, human genetics, Imaging), Anthropology (e.g., primatology, cognitive ethnology, archeology, paleontology), as well as any other portions of the physical, social and mathematical sciences that are pertinent to the study of cognition.


Digital book index

Digital Book Index provides links to more than 134,000 title records from more than 1800 commercial and non-commercial publishers, universities, and various private sites. About 94,000 of these books, texts, and documents are available free, while many others are available at very modest cost.


Digital Library of the Commons

The Digital Library of the Commons (DLC) is a gateway to the international literature on the commons. This site contains an author-submission portal; an archive of full-text articles, papers, and dissertations; the Comprehensive Bibliography of the Commons; a Keyword Thesaurus, and links to relevant reference sources on the study of the commons.


Digitala Vetenskapliga Akivet/Academic Archive On-Line

In DiVA you can find theses, dissertations and other publications in full-text from a number of Nordic universities. The publications are stored in pdf which requires Acrobat Reader to open and print them. DiVA has been developed by the Electronic Publishing Centre at Uppsala University Library.


The European Library

The European Library webservice is a portal which offers access to the combined resources (books, magazines, journals.... - both digital and non-digital) of the 45 national libraries of Europe. The European Library originates from the TEL project, which was finished January 31, 2004. The key aim of the project was to investigate the feasibility of establishing a new Pan-European service (named The European Library) which would ultimately give access to the combined resources of the national libraries of Europe. The project was partly funded by the European Commission. The day-to-day work is done by the European Library Office team based at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands. Full participants are the national libraries of Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom along with ICCU (the national central cataloguing institute from Italy)


Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. Google Scholar helps you identify the most relevant research across the world of scholarly research.


Infomine contains links to scholary internet resources; web pages, substantive databases, electronic journals, textbooks and conference proceedings etc.

It is created and maintained by the Library of the University of California. The links are either expert selected and annoted (1/3) or robot/crawler created (2/3).

For my work the section Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing and Math is most interesting, but Infomine also contains materials in business and economics, medical sciences, social sciences etc. Some of the material in Infomine is fee-based, and not freely available. That material appear distinctly in the hit list. It is also possible to restrict a search to resource access, and choose free only.

Information Bridge

The Information Bridge provides the open source to full-text and bibliographic records of Department of Energy (DOE) research and development reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics.



IngentaConnect, replacing and IngentaSelect, is a most comprehensive collection of academic and professional publications. It contains references to articles from almost 30.000 journals within a variety of subject fields. You get key words and abstracts but no full text. It is possible to order copies of articles through Ingenta, delivered online, by fax or Ariel. This of course involves costs, otherwise IngentaConnect is a free service. Five free email alerts can be set up for all electronic titles. The company Ingenta, founded in 1998, is a provider of technology and services to publishing and information industriesb and works primarily in the academic and research sector.


Karlsruhe Virtueller Katalog KVK

Metasearch in national union catalogues and book traders worldwide


Library & Archives Canada

The Electronic Collection of Library & Archives Canada consists of Canadian books and periodicals published online. It includes more than 13 000 titles and more than 45 935 serial issues published by both the commercial publishing sector and the government publishing sector. Most of them are free accessible.


Library of Congress Online Catalog

Search one of the two most comprehensive bibliographic library catalogs in the world.

NSDL (National Science Digital Library)

NSDL is a digital library of exemplary resource collections and services, organized in support of science education at all levels.
NSDL provides educational resources for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. The NSDL mission is to both deepen and extend science literacy through access to materials and methods that reveal the nature of the physical universe and the intellectual means by which we discover and understand it.

The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page is a website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet. It also aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all. The site include: An index of thousands of online books freely readable on the Internet; Pointers to significant directories and archives of online texts; Special exhibits of particularly interesting classes of online books

The Public Knowledge Project

is building prototype websites in collaboration with other organizations, such as Vancouver Sun newspaper and British Columbia Teachers Federation, that push the boundaries of knowledge access and management with a focus on integrating research resources with more public information sources and more interactive environments. Some of these prototypes have run for short periods, to address a newspaper series or a policy issue, and some continue to operate.

Smithsonian Institution Research Information System

Search over 2 million records, with 246,000 images, video and sound files from dozens of Smithsonian museums, archives, and libraries.



Swedish database over papers and degree thesis. An easy searchable interface gives entrance to thousands of papers in Swedish, English and Danish. Covers most of the sciences. A good recourse for students doing their own papers or exams.



Wikipedia is an open-access community-based encyclopedia, in which anyone can make entries, the only requirement being that the information provided is factual, neutral and unbiased. However, this is more of an ideal than an achievable reality. This does of course mean that it is important to critically evaluate any information obtained from Wikipedia, but it still serves a function as a first stop to get an overview over a given topic. Of course I've contributed myself when it comes to my own pet-topic, ionic liquids.



Metasearch resource that scan over one billion titles in 12.000 libraries worldwide.


Academic info

Improve access to online educational resources by developing an easy to use subject directory covering each academic discipline. Academic Info adds between 200 and 500 new resources each month. Some sections will have an obvious American emphasis (The Student Center, listings of academic departments) but over time a real effort will be to become more international. Academic info have links to just about anything that has to do with education. The only downside is that they have a lot of advertisement. Sometime it’s hard to tell if it’s an ad or if it’s a good resource. If you know what you’re looking for go straight to “search” or “browse by index”.


Ejournals in the field of education
This service lists e-journals in the field of education. The selection consists of freely accessible full text academic journals, accessible with no cost and peer reviewed. Responsible for the collection is AERA SIG Communication of Research (American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group), which supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative and urges ejournals to support the initiative. The only option is to search by journal. Obvious advantages with this list are that you can be sure of the quality of the content and that it is restricted to one subject field. Students and researchers in the field of education is the target group.



Education related material worldwide in bibliographical format.

Note that In January 2004, the US Department of Education will begin to implement a reengineering plan for ERIC. The new ERIC mission continues the core function of providing a centralized bibliographic database of journal articles and other published and unpublished education materials. It enhances the database by adding free full text and electronic links to commercial sources and by making it easy to use and up to date.



University of Californa eScholarship stimulates and facilitates innovation in scholarly communication in support of research and teaching. This includes creation, production, peer review, management, and dissemination of scholarly output from the University.


ITC - Instructional Technology Council

ITC, provides leadership and resources to expand and enhance distance learning through the effective use of technology. There site is full with links to everything that has to do with distance education, including free scientific resources (many of the links we have had in this course can be found on this or the linking websites).


Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research. The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners. Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites in our database and write high quality descriptions of the resources. The database contains 117420 records.


MIT Lecture browser

The Lecture Browser is a web interface to video recordings of lectures and seminars that have been indexed using automatic speech recognition technology. You can search for topics, much like a regular web search engine. If any results look relevant, you can play the video starting at the relevant point and see the synchronized transcript.


Open Courseware Consortium

An OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of more than 100 higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model. The mission of the OpenCourseWare Consortium is to advance education and empower people worldwide through opencourseware.




ADAM (Art, Design, Architecture & Mwdia Information Gateway)

Nota Bene! The ADAM gateway has not been in active development for some time now, users of the service will be interested to know that its role will be continued by the forthcoming Arts and Creative Industries (ACI) Hub. Until the new hub is up and running, the ADAM gateway will still be a useable resource and its links checked to retain currency, but all areas of the site other than the search engine are now closed.

ADAM is a service being developed to help you find useful, quality-assured information on the Internet in the following subject areas:

Fine Art, including painting, prints and drawings, sculpture and other contemporary media and practices, including fine art using technology and performance art

Design, including industrial, product, fashion, graphic, packaging and interior design

Architecture, including town planning and landscape design, but excluding building construction

Applied Arts, including textiles, ceramics, glass, metals, jewellery and furniture

Media, including film, television, broadcasting, photography and animation

Theory; relevant historical, philosophical and contextual studies

Museum studies and conservation

Professional Practice related to any of the above

ADAM helps you find the relevant information by providing a searchable on-line catalogue describing Internet resources such as web sites or electronic mailing lists, in much the same way as a library catalogue describes bibliographic resources such as books and journals.


AIDS Economics bibliographic search

World Bank AIDS Economics is part of the International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN). The IAEN offers data, tools, and analysis for compassionate, cost-effective responses to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. New information is added here regularly.

Biomedical Links - Karolinska institutet

A list of free web resources within health and medicine.

The Latin American and Caribbean Center for Information (or BIREME as it is widely known from its previous name 'Biblioteca Regional de Medicina') is the regional centre for technical co-operation in health sciences information. It coordinates a network of libraries, documentation and information centres on health-related technical and scientific information. It is developing a virtual library that includes full-text electronic journals from the region (SCIELO) and is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.



With just a quick registration you can get access to an immense amount of medical material both oriented towards patients and doctors. The data presented is in the “evidence based” style and very thorough. The only drawback is the popup adds that they use to finance this site so be sure to have your popup blocker on.


Entrez Gene

This site is a gene search database with tons of linked information on search results. Very useful for getting a grip of the function and implied functions of a selected gene.


European Database on AIDS and HIV infection

a bibliographic database focused on grey literature and educational material
produced by a group of European documentation centers specialized in AIDS and HIV infection.



From the same organisation that presents Free medical journals


Free Medical Journals

Over the next few years, many important medical journals will be available online, free and in full-text. The access to free scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice and attract Internet visitors to these journals. Journals that restrict access to their Web sites will lose popularity. The Free Medical Journals Site is dedicated to the promotion of these free access medical journals over the Internet. The site now lists about 1300 journals.


Human Proteome Project

Mattias Uhlén´s project at KTH of categorizing the human proteome. They are going thru the genome and publishing a stunning amount of immunohistochemical pictures for the relevant proteins.


The Lancet
This site provides search facilities, free access to selected full-text articles, free access to the Electronic Research Archive (ERA), and free full-text global news. Registration is required (free). Other content is currently only available by paid subscription or 'pay-per-view'.



Use of Medscape is FREE, requiring a simple one-time member registration. To register, fill out the following form and click the "Submit" button. Your registration will give you free access to MEDLINE (Optimized for Physicians), 200+ Free CME Courses, 25 Medical Specialty Sites , 100+ Medical Journals, Conference Coverage, Daily Medical News


Medworld Research Corner: Biomedical and Clinical Journals Online
This is a comprehensive list of medical journals on the Internet. There is a brief description and link to each journal. The site is maintained by Stanford University, U.S.


NCBI Bookshelf

The Bookshelf is a growing collection of biomedical books that can be searched directly by typing a concept into the textbox above and selecting "Go".



PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, includes over 14 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources. Publishers participating in PubMed electronically submit their citations to NCBI prior to or at the time of publication. If the publisher has a web site that offers full-text of its journals, PubMed provides links to that site as well as biological databases, consumer health information, research tools, and more. There may be a charge to access the text or information.


PubMed Journal Information

The Journal Database can be searched using the journal title, the MEDLINE/PubMed title abbreviation, the NLM ID (NLM's unique journal identifier), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) abbreviation, and the print and electronic International Standard Serial Numbers (pISSNs and eISSNs). The database includes all journals in all Entrez databases (e.g., PubMed, Nucleotide, Protein).


La Santé Tropicale sur Internet
This is a French-language site, run by a France-based publisher NG Com Santé Tropicale. The site is dedicated to health issues in francophone Africa and Maghreb. It provides access to pdf files of 1800 African medical articles from three of its journals: Médecine d'Afrique Noire, Médecine du Maghreb, and Odontologie-Stomatologie Tropicale. The site includes an email discussion forum and links to other francophone African health web sites.



This site has tons of publications that very accurately summarizes the evidenced based findings in different (mainly medical) areas. Easy to navigate and the publications are very extensive and clear. Have sections both for people in the health care systems and for general public. Mainly in Swedish.



The WHO has many different good sites. The UNAIDS site is the best site for monitoring the HIV epidemic.


Yahoo: Health/Medical Journals
Yahoo provides an alphabetical, keyword and subject index with links to full-text journal articles and abstracts.




AJOL (African Journals OnLine)

AJOL offers the tables of content and abstracts from journals published in Africa on:

agricultural sciences and resource management ,arts, culture, language and literature,health,

science and technology, social sciences


Amedeo has for example ‘weekly emails with bibliographic lists about new scientific publications, personal Web pages for one-time download of available abstracts […] and an overview of the medical literature published in relevant journals over the past 12 to 24 months’ and is free of charge. Both the general public, patients and healthcare professionals have a lot to gain from using Amedeo. You can choose a subset of journals within a specific medical subject area and receive a list of published articles within this subject area on a weekly basis.



ALPSP is the international trade association for nonprofit publishers and those who work with them, it was formed in 1972.

Today it is the only international trade association representing all types of nonprofit publishers, and is the largest trade association for scholarly and professional publishers. It has more than 360 members in 36 countries, publishing scholarly content in many different ways. Over 10,000 journals are published by ALPSP members as well as numerous books, reports, databases and other products and services. Membership of ALPSP has been taken up by a wide range of different types of publishers - journal publishers, book publishers, learned societies and professional bodies, database publishers, university presses and intergovernmental organizations. The variety and range of the 260+ publisher members and the 100+ associate members who provide services to the sector provides a unique network serving the interests of scholarly publishing worldwide.

ALPSP's mission is to play an active part in shaping the future of academic and professional communication, promoting 'Scholarship-Friendly Publishing'.

An interesting and important website if you like to be informed about how publishers look at Open Access questions.


ASCE (American Society of civil engineers)

The Civil Engineering Database (CEDB) is designed to provide easy bibliographic access to all ASCE publications. The database covers ASCE documents published since 1970. It provides access to all the journals, conference proceedings, books, standards, manuals, magazines, and newspapers. You can access bibliographic information for free. Full text costs $$.


The Berkeley Electronic Press

The Berkeley Electronic Press launched its first journals in December of 2000. It gives you free bibliographical access to a handfull of journals mainly in the Economics area. Full text versions of the articles can be had for a relatively moderate subscription fee. The goal of bepress is to produce rapidly-reviewed, high-quality journals. As word of the bepress model has spread, interest within academia has grown significantly. Well over half of North American law schools now subscribe to bepress legal journals, including the top 25 as ranked by US News & World Report. Similarly, more than 200 major institutions subscribe to The B.E. Journals, including the top 20 schools. Our subscription base includes representation from 6 continents.


Bioline International
Bioline International is a not-for-profit electronic publishing service committed to providing access to quality research journals from developing countries. The site includes journals on the following subjects: health (tropical medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology, emerging new diseases), biodiversity, the environment, conservation and international development. Access to individual titles can be free or fee based. The site contains peer-reviewed journals from Brazil, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe and other countries.


BioMed Central
BioMed Central is an independent publishing house committed to provide immediate free access to peer-reviewed biomedical research. BioMed Central publishes more than 50 on-line journals covering the whole of biology and medicine. The service includes support for journal editors in developing countries.


BMJ Journals: Countries with Free Access
The site contains full-text access to 25 journals published by the BMJ Publishing Group. Access is available to ‘low income’ and ‘low middle income’ economies as defined by the World Bank. Via IP address, Internet links from eligible countries automatically will have free access.


British Medical Journal
The BMJ website provides access to the full text of the BMJ, plus 'Collected Resources', a comprehensive collection of BMJ articles by specialty and topic - see The BMJ Publishing Group has led the way in improving access to information for health professionals in developing countries. The Group publishes a wide range of specialist journals, which are available free to users in low-income countries.


Cell Press

Access to the online archive of Cell and the other premier journals of the Cell Press collection will become freely available beginning in January 2005.



HighWire Press is a division of the Stanford University Libraries, which produces the online versions of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly content. Recipient of the 2003 ALPSP Award for "Service to Not-for-Profit Publishing", HighWire partners with influential scholarly societies, university presses and publishers to create a collection of the finest, fully searchable research and clinical literature online. Together, these partners produce nearly half of the 200 most-frequently-cited journals publishing in science.


Highwire (Free Online Full-text Articles)

HighWire Press hosts the largest repository of free full-text life science articles in the world, with more than 600,000 free, full-text articles online. Since 1995, with the launch of the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC), to the continuous online production of hundreds of prestigious journals, such as Science Magazine, the New England Journal of Medicine, PNAS and JAMA, HighWire has established an outstanding reputation for helping to disseminate primary scientific information on the Web.


Highwire (Free Access to Developing Economies)
(List limited to journals published online with the assistance of HighWire Press)

The following journals offer free online access to developing economies, based on either programs such as HINARI, or on a HighWire-based program offering access to countries appearing in the World Bank's list of "low income economies," plus Djibouti. Individual publishers use the list from the World Bank as a guideline for determining their policies, so some variation in access per publisher does occur. You do not need to sign up for this service as our software automatically detects the country you are connecting from and grants access accordingly. To request that a journal be added to this list, please contact the journal's publisher directly via their 'Feedback' button -- do not contact HighWire Press.


HINARI (Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative)
HINARI provides access to over 2000 scientific publications for developing and transitional countries. The participating publishers include Blackwell, BMJ, Elsevier Science, Harcourt, JAMA, Kluwer, Nature Publishing, New England Journal of Medicine, Oxford University Press, Springer Verlag, Taylor & Francis and John Wiley. The access is by journal title, subject and language or link to the participating publishers' websites. The site is accessible in English, French and Spanish. Institutions are required to register (see: or email The site includes links to other sources of free access to ejournals and regional ejournal indexes.

Hindawi   (and SAGE-Hindawi)

In their own words, “Hindawi is a rapidly growing academic publisher with more than one hundred journals in the fields of Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences. Hindawi is the only Open Access publisher with fully developed Open Access journals spanning such a wide range of subjects in Science, Technology, and Medicine”.
There is no doubt that this publisher is totally devoted to the OA movement and principles. At the website their OA business model is clearly defined and there is general information about OA including links to Peter Subers Open Access newsletter etc.
In November 2007, SAGE, a  traditional subscription based publisher, announced a partnership with Hindawi. SAGE will respond for the editorial development, marketing, and promotion of the new journals,  while Hindawi will provide the technology and expertise needed to run the publication process (from submission and peer-review process to final publication). Under the model, all SAGE-Hindawi journal articles will be made freely available online via the Hindawi platform, funded by author charges.


Licensing Digital Information: Developing Nations Initiatives
The site identifies programmes that bring high quality, peer-reviewed sciences journals to developing and transitional countries for free or minimal cost. It is organized alphabetically by publisher/organization with links to information on access procedures. The site is maintained by Yale University Library, U.S.


Nature network
Connecting scientists at a global and local level.
Nature Network is the online meeting place for you and fellow scientists to gather, talk and find out about the latest scientific news and events. Science is an international endeavor and deserves a global stage for discussion. Scientists can also benefit from interactions at the local level. That's why you'll see an increasing number of local city hubs on Nature Network, starting with Boston and London.


Nature precedings

Nature Precedings is a place for researchers to share pre-publication research, unpublished manuscripts, presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and other scientific documents. Submissions are screened by our professional curation team for relevance and quality, but are not subjected to peer review. Welcome high-quality contributions from biology, medicine (except clinical trials), chemistry and the earth sciences.

A nature platform for pre-publication, an interesting initiative by Nature. Nature has started several new forums lately.



is the online platform of AIP and host over one hundred journals from AIP, APS, ASCE, ASME, SPIE, and other prestigious science and engineering societies. Not all the journals are open access but some of them are.


Worldwide press





Bibliographic database with reviews and biographies of different genres of music worldwide.


Internet Movie Database

Biographies and information on movies and movie stars, tv and video entertainment.


The Sheet Music Consortium

is a group of libraries working toward the goal of building an open collection of digitized sheet music using the Open Archives Initiative:Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI:PMH).




Asian Development Bank

ADB is a multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Established in 1966, we are now owned by 62 members, mostly from the region. On this web site you can find basic economic and trade statistic but also a lot more information on asian countries.



Statistics from the European Commission


FAOSTAT (Statistical DAtabase Collection (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

FAOSTAT is an on-line and multilingual databases currently containing over 1 million time-series records covering international statistics in the area of agriculture and food.


Foreign labor statistics

The Foreign Labor Statistics (FLS) program provides international comparisons of hourly compensation costs; productivity and unit labor costs; labor force, employment and unemployment rates; and consumer prices. The comparisons relate primarily to the major industrial countries, but other countries are included in certain measures.


Penn World Tables

The Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 168 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2000.


Popline (POPulation information onLine)

World's largest bibliographic database on population, family planning, and related health issues. POPLINE provides citations with abstracts for 300,000 records. Document delivery services for the full text of most documents is free for individuals or institutions in developing countries, if it is not available locally, not a commercially published book, and is less than 100 pages long.


WHO Statistics

World Health Organization (UN) offers probably the largest statistical archive of mortality rates and general health figures for a large part of the world. Completely free and good for making comparisons between countries.


World Bank

High quality national and international statistics, and global statistical programs. Cross-country, cross-sector, thematic research outputs from the World Bank's main research unit. Information, analysis, and advice on global trends in the world economy.




Baltic Marine Environment Bibliography

The Baltic Marine Environment Bibliography is a freely accessible database, maintained by environmental agencies of the Nordic countries. It gives references with abstracts to research reports, conference proceedings, articles, books, dissertations etc. within the topic Baltic Sea, especially environmental conditions. It is possible to search and to browse either by topic or keyword. Researchers are welcome to submit references. The collecting of references is done by the Helsinki Commission. At the moment the database contains over 13000 references.


is a comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world.

Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)

The Encyclopedia of Life is an unprecedented global partnership between the scientific community and the general public. Our goal is to make freely available to anyone knowledge about all the world’s organisms. Anybody can register as an EOL member and add text, images, videos, comments or tags to EOL pages. Expert curators ensure quality of the core collection by authenticating materials submitted by diverse projects and individual contributors. Together we can make EOL the best, most comprehensive source for biodiversity information.

ENTRI (Environmental treaties database)

ENTRI, a is a comprehensive online service for accessing environmental treaty data. Find status data for environmental treaties, treaty text and other related information easily. Construct custom tables by selecting countries and treaties of interest to you.


EPA (Envirofacts)

Welcome to Envirofacts, a single point of access to select U.S. EPA environmental data. This website provides access to several EPA databases to provide you with information about environmental activities that may affect air, water, and land anywhere in the United States.


European Environmental Agency

The EEA aims to support sustainable development and to help achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe's environment through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policy making agents and the public. Loads of reports on european environment, statistics etc.


European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR)

E-PRTR contains data on the annual pollutant emissions to air and water reported by around 10,000 large and medium-sized industrial facilities in the EU Member States and in Norway. Fifty pollutants are covered. It is hosted by European Environment Agency.

Gardens Guide: tours, design, products and history.Public gardens around the world - a garden finder for the leading garden countries. Garden history - online books, summaries, timelines. Landscape architecture - a guide to one of the world's most important professions - and a special guide to London Landscape Architecture. Most everything on gardening.



INFOTERRA is the global environmental information exchange network of the United Nations Environment Programme. The network operates through a system of government-designated national focal points which at present number 177. An INFOTERRA national focal point is essentially a national environmental information centre usually located in the ministry or agency responsible for environmental protection. The primary function of each centre is to provide a national environmental information service.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This site is run by the department of commerce (U.S). It provides very nice environmental data with loads of info. It also has a very nice little sub site with average weather and oceanographic stats for the Volvo Ocean Race course around the globe.


Right-To-Know Network

The Right-to-Know Network provides free access to numerous databases, text files, and conferences on the environment, housing, and sustainable development. With the information available on RTK NET, you can identify specific factories and their environmental effects; analyze reinvestment by banks in their communities; and assess people and communities affected.
There are no fees; RTK NET is free. It was established in order to empower citizen involvement in community and government decision-making.


Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy

This is a new peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides a platform for the dissemination of new practices and for dialogue emerging out of the field of sustainability. The journal is indexed by Ulrich's Periodicals, Public Affairs Information Service and CSA Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Database. This journal is a good news in peer-reviewed journals publishing field. Now you can get only 2 issues (2005), but it is just beginning!





ChemFinder has been providing free chemical searching to hundreds of thousands of scientists since 1995. Loctes the properties of many chemicals.


ChemWeb was launched in April 1997. It is now the largest online chemical community in the world. is a unique resource which combines a huge range of information for those in research chemistry, the chemicals industries and related disciplines. Membership is completely free. members can access over 350 journals and 15 databases from a variety of publishers. A number of databases offer structure-based searching and manipulation of molecular structures. services include the Careers Centre in association with, Conference Centre, Bookstore and the online magazine, the alchemist, as well as several specialist Subject Areas based around specific chemical fields.


Material Safety Datasheets

A searchable collection of about 250.000 sheets collected from various sources .


Physical Sciences Information Gateway (PSIgate)

PSIgate is a database of selected links to free Internet resources in astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, materials sciences, physics, and science history and policy. The target groups are students, researchers and practitioners in the physical sciences. It is managed by Consortium of Academic Libraries in Manchester.




Cordis (Community research& development information system)

European Union system that provides information about research and development sponsored and supported by the EU.


COS (Community of science workbench databases)

COS brings together scientists and researchers at more than 1,600 universities, corporations and government agencies worldwide. COS provides tools and services that enable these professionals to communicate, exchange information and find the people and technologies that are important to their work. These services include: COS Expertise, the database of detailed, first person profiles of more than 480,000 R&D professionals; COS Funding Opportunitiesthe largest source of grant information on the Web. These services are accessed through the COS Workbench, a customized workspace for the professional development and purchasing needs of the individual member. Community of Science, Inc. is a privately held company. You can become an individual member at no charge. COS also makes several fee-based databases available to members.


DARE (Directiory in Social Sciences-Institutions, specialists, periodicals)

Worldwide references to social science research and training institutions, specialists, documentation and information services, human rights and research institutions.
A free site which helps you in identifying ‘individuals, departments and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades’ (

Most of the other ISI web resources are subscription based, but ISI HighlyCited is free of charge and works well when searching for information about scientists and their work.


Scholarly Societies Project. Scholarly societies have always played a major role in the scientific communication and in the 19th century the majority of scholarly journals were published by scholarly societies. Today, scholarly societies still play an important role in arranging meetings for scholarly exchange. Even though they no longer publish the majority of scientific journals, the material that they do publish often is of superior quality.



is a guide to UN documentation which was created by
the Dag Hammarskjöld Library at Uppsala University Library, Sweden -
a specialised library in the fields of United Nations studies, international relations, peace and conflict research, and political science.


ELDIS (Development Data)

ELDIS is a gateway to information on development issues, providing free and easy access to wide range of high quality online resources. ELDIS provides summaries and links to online documents. ELDIS offers a directory of websites, databases, library catalogues and email discussion lists.


FIRST (Facts on International Relations and Security Trends)

The FIRST system offers researchers, politicians and the media an authoritative and structured factual reference system on international relations and security trends. It contains high-quality, up-to-date and clearly documented information in areas such as: conflicts, arms transfers and military expenditure

hard facts on states and international organizations , economic and social statistics chronologies


HUDOC (Database of the case-law of the supervisory organs of the European Convention on Human Rights)


Human Security Report Project

The Human Security Gateway is a research and information database regrouping electronic and bibliographic resources on human security.


INASP Links & Resources

INASP is a cooperative network of partners. Its mission is to enhance the flow of information within and between countries, especially those with less developed systems of publication and dissemination. INASP was established in 1992 by the International Council for Science (ICSU), as a programme of the Committee for the Dissemination of Scientific Information (CDSI).
INASP HEALTH LINKS: General Health Resources
Fulltext E-Journals


International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization is the UN specialized agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights.

Use the search engine to unfold their publication in different subject areas.


PERI: Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (INASP)
PERI is an INASP sponsored programme of support for information production, access and dissemination for research partners in developing and transitional countries utilising new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It provides a range of capacity building services, including access for developing countries to a wide range of major scientific, technical, medical, social science and humanities materials. The site describes the programme, and details of materials available to eligible countries and is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Institutions are required to register for access.



ReliefWeb is the global hub for time-critical humanitarian information on Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters




Rim-, korsords och synonymlexikon. Användarna hjälper till att utöka lexikonet.

Digital Archives for Chinese Studies DACHS

Our aim is archiving and making accessible Internet resouces relevant for Chinese Studies,
with special emphasis given on social and political discourse as reflected by articulations on the Chinese Internet.


Merriam-Webster Online

Well known English dictionary with a free online- search function.


Rosetta project

For Linguists those curious about languages. The Rosetta digital library is the largest descriptive linguistic resource on the web. We currently serve over 90,000 text pages documenting writing systems, phonology, grammar, analysed texts, typology, core vocabulary, numbering systems, maps, audio files, and demographic/historical descriptions for over 2,500 of the 7,000 languages


Slang dictionary

A monster online dictionary of the rich colourful language we call slang... all from a British perspective, with new slang added every month.


SOFI:s namnregister (Institutet för språk och folkminnen, Uppsala)

Digitala ortnamnssamlingar - En stor del av institutets samlingar av ortnamn finns tillgängliga för sökning via nätet. Nordiskt runnamnslexikon

Fjärde, reviderade versionen med tillägg av frekvenstabeller och finalalfabetisk namnlista Februari 2002. Lexikon över urnordiska personnamn

Detta är ett alfabetiskt lexikon över de personnamn som förekommer i källor från perioden ca Kristi födelse till ca 700 e.Kr.




The Collection of computer science bibliographies

This is a collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science from various sources, covering most aspects of computer science. The bibliographies are updated monthly from their original locations such that you'll always find the most recent versions here.

The collection currently contains more than 1.4 million references (mostly to journal articles, conference papers and technical reports), clustered in about 1400 bibliographies, and consists of 660 MBytes of BibTeX entries. More than 19,000 references contain crossreferences to citing or cited publications. More than 240,000 references contain URLs to an online version of the paper. Abstracts are available for more than 180,000 entries. There are more than 2000 links to other sites carrying bibliographic information.


Digital Library of Information Science and Technology

Established in 2002, DLIST, Digital Library of Information Science and Technology is a cross-institutional, subject-based, open access digital archive for the Information Sciences, including Archives and Records Management, Library and Information Science, Information Systems, Museum Informatics, and other critical information infrastructures. The dLIST vision is to serve as a dynamic archive in the Information Sciences, broadly understood, and positively impact and shape scholarly communication in our closely related fields.


EEVL (Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library)

EEVL is the Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing. EEVL's mission is to provide access to quality networked engineering, mathematics and computing resources, and be the national focal point for online access to information in these subjects. It is an award-winning free service, created and run by a team of information specialists from a number of universities and institutions in the UK. EEVL's target audience is students, staff and researchers in higher and further education, as well as anyone else working, studying or looking for information in Engineering, Mathematics and Computing.



E-Lis is an Open Access archive for scientific and technical documents on Librarianship, Information Science and Technology and related areas. It is maintained by volunteers and hosted by AePIC (Advanced e-Publishing Infrastructure - Cilea). Journal articles, pre-prints and other forms of documents are accepted. The archive offers a variety of search options. Originally a joint Spanish/Italian


Elpub Digital Repository

ELPUB stands for ELectronic PUBlishing and the main goal of this conference platform is to bring together researchers, lecturers, librarians, developers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, users and all those interested on issues regarding electronic publishing in widely differing contexts. These include the human, cultural, economic, social, technological, legal, commercial and other relevant aspects that such an exciting theme mainly for researchers and students in the subjects it covers.

The use of this Digital library is free of charge. Access to advanced features (article upload, creation of collections, discussion forums, ratings, reviews, etc.) is subject to user registration and login.


J-stage (Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic)

J-stage is a publishing tool for the Japanese academic STM community:
”In order to support the information transmission function of user organizations, the J-STAGE, developed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), set up the hardware and software necessary for electronic journal release within JST to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. …The user organizations are able to computerize bulletins of academic societies and research papers currently appeared with ease and at low cost
On J-stage you will find 440 free or partly free journals, proceedings and reports.

NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS)

NTRS is a database with bibliographic references to NASA´s technical literature; research reports, journal articles, conference and meeting papers, technical videos, mission-related operational documents, and preliminary data. NTRS also collects scientific and technical information from sites external to NASA. Simple Search searches for NASA information only and Advanced Search can search for NASA and non-NASA information

Most of the NASA information does not have full-text document images and documents can be ordered by contacting the NASA Center for AeroSpace Information.

The target groups for the database are students, educators, and the public.


Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library

NCSTRL (pronounced "ancestral") is an international collection of computer science research reports and papers made available for non-commercial use from a number of participating universities and archives. For the most part, NCSTRL participants are universities that grant PhDs in Computer Science or Engineering, with some industrial or government research laboratories.


NIST Data Gateway (National Institute of Science and technology)

Contains an impressive list of free databases in Science and technology provided by the NIST


Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography (SEPB) presents selected English-language articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet.” This bibliography is published / updated twice a year and makes you dizzy from all of the sources it lists. So much to read and so little time!




Electronic Text Center at University of Virginia

The Electronic Text Center's holdings include approximately 70,000 on- and off-line humanities texts in thirteen languages, with more than 350,000 related images (book illustrations, covers, manuscripts, newspaper pages, page images of Special Collections books, museum objects, etc.) They also stock thousands of texts in the Microsoft reader- and Palm format



Gallica propose un accès à 90 000 ouvrages numérisés (fascicules de presse compris), à plus de 80 000 images et à plusieurs dizaines d'heures de ressources sonores. Cet ensemble constitue l'une des plus importantes bibliothèques numériques accessibles gratuitement sur l'Internet.


The Internet Archive is a non-profit organisation that was founded to build an 'Internet library,' with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format. The good thing is that this archive contains not only text but pictures, videos, sound... Not the most sientific archive I can find but fun to visit!!


The Internet Classics Archive

There are 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors published in this site. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a non-profit organization run by the editors. The Encyclopedia receives no funding, and operates through the volunteer work of the editors, authors, and technical advisors. Most of the articles in The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are original contributions by specialized philosophers . The Encyclopedia is regularly updated.

Medieval and Classical Library

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.



Noesis is a limited area search engine for open access, academic philosophy on the Internet.


Perseus digital library

Perseus is an evolving digital library, engineering interactions through time, space, and language. Our primary goal is to bring a wide range of source materials to as large an audience as possible. We anticipate that greater accessibility to the sources for the study of the humanities will strengthen the quality of questions, lead to new avenues of research, and connect more people through the connection of ideas.


PhilSci Archive

Welcome to PhilSci Archive, an electronic archive for preprints in the philosophy of science. It is offered as a free service to the philosophy of science community. The goal of the Archive is to promote communication in the field by the rapid dissemination of new work.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the Internet's oldest producer of FREE electronic books (eBooks or eTexts).

Project Gutenberg is the brainchild of Michael Hart, who in 1971 decided that it would be a really good idea if lots of famous and important texts were freely available to everyone in the world. Since then, he has been joined by hundreds of volunteers who share his vision.
Now, more than thirty years later, Project Gutenberg has the following figures (as of November 8th 2002): 203 New eBooks released during October 2002, 1975 New eBooks produced in 2002 (they were 1240 in 2001) for a total of 6267 Total Project Gutenberg eBooks.


Social Science Online Periodicals

Directory to free access specialized articles from around 700 periodicals in social and human sciences under UNESCO collection. You can reach full text articles or abstracts.


SOSIG (Social Science Information Gateway)

SOSIG is a freely available portal which aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law. SOSIG resources (databases, journals, web pages) are selected and described by this subject experts. Here you can find free accessible peer-reviewed journals too (for example, just enter „free peer reviewed journal“). For more features you have to register in SOSIG.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Welcome to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP). From its inception, the SEP was designed so that each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field. All entries and substantive updates are refereed by the members of a distinguished Editorial Board before they are made public. Consequently, our dynamic reference work maintains academic standards while evolving and adapting in response to new research.


Voice of the Shuttle

A web site (web catalogue) for humanities research. VoS is woven by Alan Liu of the U. California, Santa Barbara, English Department with a team of department graduate students and others.


Women Watch

Women Watch is the United Nations' directory of resources on Gender and Women's issues. The site contains links to various UN funded programmes and entities on several different women and gender related issues, reports, statistics and more. The site has a simple search function. While a bit difficult to navigate, the site is probably a good resource for students and researchers in the social sciences, and anyone interested in the subjects covered.




EULER is an open access archive with journals, preprints, reports etc within the field of mathematics. Euler is run by the EULER Consortium which consists of institutions and companies whose main objective is to provide or sell information but where notions like profit and shareholders value are not their main concern.



MathWorld is a mathematics encyclopedia, intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers. It is very useful if you are searching for an explanation or a definition of a mathematical concept. It was created by Eric Weisstein and is sponsored by Wolfram Research. The site is continuously updated. It is possible for anyone to add new material to MathWorld, and all contributions will be reviewed for correctness before being published.




Espacenet is a patent database from the Europan Patent Office (EPO). It includes patent documentation and patent applications from all EPO member states, and also worldwide patents (Japan, USA etc). Some of the records have a facsimile version of the complete patent document, but for some records only the title and abstract are freely available.


EUR-Lex provides direct free access to European Union law. The system makes it possible to consult the Official Journal of the European Union and it includes inter alia the treaties, legislation, case-law and legislative proposals. It offers extensive search facilities.



GlobaLex is an electronic legal publication dedicated to international and foreign law research. It is published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law.

GlobaLex is committed to the dissemination of high-level international, foreign, and comparative law research tools. The information and articles published by GlobaLex represent both research and teaching resources used by legal academics, practitioners and other specialists around the world who are active either in foreign, international, and comparative law research or those focusing on their own domestic law. The guides and articles published are written by scholars well known in their respective fields and are recommended as a legal resource by universities, library schools, and legal training courses.

Creative Commons

Share, Remix, Reuse – Legally!

Creative Commons defines the spectrum of possibilities between full copyright – all rights reserved – and the public domain – no rights reserved.

Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from "All Rights Reserved" to "Some Rights Reserved alt


WIPO Guide to intellectual property worldwide
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) today has 183 member states and Sweden is one of them. This guide can help you find ‘information on intellectual property by means of individual country profiles on WIPO Member States. You can find information on both legislation, educational institutions and useful contact addresses.

The guide can be a good help for librarians, researchers, legal practitioners and interested members of the general public.


World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII)

is a free, independent and non-profit global legal research facility developed collaboratively by Legal Information Institutes and other organisations.





A global information system with all you ever wanted to know about fishes. FishBase is a relational database with information to cater to different professionals such as research scientists, fisheries managers, zoologists and many more.  FishBase on the web contains practically all fish species known to science. For a fee FishBase is available on 4 CD-ROMs.


Multilingual bird search engine

Search and translate birdnames in 18 languages.


Organic Eprints is an international open access archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture. The archive contains full-text papers in electronic form together with bibliographic information, abstracts and other metadata. This repository is good because of the subject it deals  with. In my work I often come across questions about alternative farming. Some of them can find interesting angels to their solution in this archive. It has no special features but is easy to search and holds relevant not "to academical" articles for the non academic end-users.




KartSök och Ortnamn

På lantmäteriets webbplats kan man kostnadsfritt söka fastställda svenska ortnamn och kartor. Swedish maps.


Google maps




DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals

A very useful service administrated from the University of Lund in Sweden. The Directory of Open Access Journals covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. The aim is to cover all subjects and languages. There are now almost700 journals in the directory.


OpenDOAR is nice site to visit. It offers an overview of links to Open Access projects (institutions) in many countries and sorted after subject. You find 18 Swedish repositories 55 UK and 105 US. The best thing is that you can also sort after what type of material is stored in the archive. Dissertations, reports, patens and so on


OAI (Open Archives Forum)

The Open Archives Forum provided a Europe-based focus for dissemination of information about European activity related to open archives and, in particular, to the Open Archives Initiative. The aim of the Forum was to facilitate clustering of IST projects, national initiatives and other parties interested in the open archives approach. In order to do so, the Forum brought interested parties together to build a community of interest, enable exchange of information and establish a web-based European information source for open archives. In addition, the Forum undertook comparative reviews of technical and organisational issues.


OASIS Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook.

OASIS aims to provide an authoritative ‘sourcebook’ on Open Access, covering the concept, principles, advantages, approaches and means to achieving it. The site highlights developments and initiatives from around the world, with links to diverse additional resources and case studies. As such, it is a community-building as much as a resource-building exercise. Users are encouraged to share and download the resources provided, and to modify and customize them for local use. Open Access is evolving, and we invite the growing world-wide community to take part in this exciting global movement.


OAIster is an information retrieval resource for information about publicly available digital objects provided by the research library community. It was built in collaboration between University of Michigan and University of Illinois and the goal was to encompass as broad a collection of resources as possible and to make it accessible to the entire Internet community, without restrictions.

Open Access Information

This is a new resource in Swedish created by several different knowledgeable people form different universities across Sweden. It is great for librarians or researchers wanting to learn more about open access and there are also materials available for download that can be used when teaching about open access. - Kungl. biblioteket

This is a link to the Swedish National Library project which goal is to promote and make possible open access publishing in Sweden. They also provide general information on open access, news and links to articles for those who want to read more.

Peter Suber, Open Access News

The mother of all open access blogs written by, if not the father, then the king of open access.  Peter Suber is very influential and devotes all his time to promoting open access. One of his ways is this blog and another is his monthly newsletter, but that refers more often than not to his own blog, which means you might as well read the blog. He also gives his opinion on and analysis of developments and news, meaning a bit more meat on the bone for those who have got the time or just want to learn more.


PLOS one

PLoS ONE is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication. PLoS ONE welcomes reports on primary research from any scientific discipline and is published by the Public Library of Science (PLoS), a nonprofit organization. PLoS ONE's start-up phase is supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute.

PLoS ONE is run as a partnership between its in-house PLoS staff and international Advisory and Editorial Boards, ensuring fast, fair, and professional peer review. The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a non-profit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource. For more information about PLoS, visit

New initiatve, part of PLOS, one of the first Open Access non-profit publisher.


Public Library of Science (PLOS)
PLOS is a non-profit organization of scientists and physicians. Its aim is to make the world’s scientific publications and medical literature a public resource, freely available to all. This endeavor is planning to be a repository of ‘open access’ ejournals and began publication with the October 2003 PLOS Biology. The program is based in San Francisco, U.S.

PubMed Central: An Archive of Life Science Journals
This digital archive provides free and unrestricted access to full-text journal articles. The site includes an author and journal title search engine. It is managed by the Center for Biotechnology Information and the National Library of Medicine, U.S.


SCIELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online)
This site contains full-text electronic journals from the Latin American and Caribbean region. Some of the journals are in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese. Access is by country, title, subject and author. The site is maintained by BIREME.


Peter Linde et al.