Verification and application of a second-order scale symmetry for queueing systems

Document type: Conference Papers
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Author(s): Markus Fiedler, Ron G. Addie
Title: Verification and application of a second-order scale symmetry for queueing systems
Translated title: Verifiering och tillämpning av en skalerings symmetri av andra ordningen för kösystem
Conference name: 16th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC-16)
Year: 1999
Pagination: 807-816
ISBN: 0-444-50268-8
Publisher: Elsevier Science Ltd., Amsterdam
City: Edinburgh, Scotland
ISI number: 000083407400078
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: Department of Telecommunications and Signal Processing (Institutionen för telekommunikation och signalbehandling)
Department of Telecommunications and Signal Processing S-372 25 Ronneby
+46 455 38 50 00
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Language: English
Abstract: In this paper a simple second order scale symmetry is descibed. Because of the application of the central limit theorem to network traffic, which applies whenever the variance of the traffic from individual sources is finite, this scale symmetry is valid asymptotically for a large number of sources independently of the buffer size, the queueing performance parameter under consideration and the source model. Numerical results for on-/off sources show that it gives clear guidance for how system resources must grow in order to cope with increasing traffic, while maintaining or slightly improving queueing performance. Thus, it may be used for dimensioning purposes beyond the reach of sophisticated algorithms. Parallels to equivalent bandwidth approaches are drawn.
Summary in Swedish: Ett generellt recept om hur ett system (kapacitet, kölängden) ska växa om belastningen ökar med en viss faktor presenteras och diskuteras. Prestandaberäkning, QoS, skalering, dimensionering, resursallokering
Subject: Telecommunications\General
Telecommunications\Fluid Flow Models
Keywords: Performance evaluation, QoS, scaling, dimensioning, resource allocation