Evaluation of Authentication Schemes Based on Security, User-Friendliness and Complexity

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Author(s): Charlott Eliasson, Markus Fiedler, Ivar Jørstad
Title: Evaluation of Authentication Schemes Based on Security, User-Friendliness and Complexity
Translated title: Evaluering av autentiseringsmetoder baserad på säkerhet, användarvänlighet och komplexitet
Conference name: EuroNF IA.7.5 Workshop in Socio-Economic Issues of Networks of the Future
Year: 2008
City: Athens, Greece
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: School of Computing (Sektionen för datavetenskap och kommunikation)
School of Computing S-371 79 Karlskrona
+46 455 38 50 00
Authors e-mail: markus.fiedler@bth.se
Language: English
Abstract: In this work we are going to study and evaluate several SIMbased and non SIM-based authentication schemes for use in an IMS platform. The work will be done as part of the EUREKA!-funded Mobicome project. In this project
eleven partners are participating in order to get a working
prototype of the new generation network IMS to run. The
major idea of the extended IMS functionality is seamlessness, both regarding network and device switching. Seamlessly working security solutions are a self-evident must in this context. In order to satisfy the customer while meeting technical boundary conditions, solutions must work in a satisfactory manner in many respects.
On this background, this paper is a position paper, stating
started and planned work on the evaluation of candidate
security solutions for seamless IMS-based communications.
First, the primary criteria of evaluation, namely security, user-friendliness and simplicity, are discussed. Then, the secondary criteria, which include awareness, usability and algorithms, are described. Along with the criteria, both sub-criteria and corresponding parameters are outlined. After this, the methodology for the evaluation is described. Finally, an outlook is presented at the end of the chapter.
Summary in Swedish: Ett första ansats för klassificering av sömlösa säkerhetslösningar med tanke på säkerhetsnivå, användarvänlighet och enkelhet som förstahands kriterier samt medvetenhet, användbarhet och algoritmer som andrahands kriterier. Dessutom beskrivs evalueringsmetoder. IMS, säkerhet, sömlös autentifiering, evalueringskriteria
Subject: Telecommunications\General
Computer Science\Electronic security
Computer Science\Networks and Communications
Keywords: IMS security, seamless authentication, evaluation criteria