Applying good EIA practice criteria to SEA - the Öresund Bridge as a case

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Author(s): Eric Markus, Lars Emmelin
Title: Applying good EIA practice criteria to SEA - the Öresund Bridge as a case
Conference name: 5th Nordic Environmental Assessment Conference
Year: 2003
Pagination: 103-117
ISBN: 91-89332-36-9
Publisher: Nordregio
City: Reykjavik
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: Department of Spatial Planning (Institutionen för fysisk planering)
Dept. of Spatial Planning S-371 79 Karlskrona
+46 455 38 50 00
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Language: English
Abstract: The paper is concerned with the evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and good EIA practice criteria. It also looks at the applicability of such criteria to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). This is done though a closer examination of three good practice criteria proposed by Westerlund: the basis for the decision criterion, the result criterion and the alternative criterion. A connection is made with the Swedish Öresund Bridge project and the criteria are problematized in light of this project. The discussion is also linked to the issue of rationality in strategic decision-making. The paper argues that seeing SEA as an EIA analogy is not purely straightforward.
Summary in Swedish: Artikeln undersöker 'good practice'-kriterier för miljökonsekvensbedömning (MKB) och deras relevans för strategisk miljöbedömning (SMB). Med Öresundsbron som casestudie konkluderar artikeln att det kan vara problematiskt att se SMB som en analogi av MKB. Miljökonsekvensbedömning, Miljökonsekvensbeskrivning, Strategisk miljöbedömning, Öresundsbron, rationalitet, beslutsfattande, beslutskriterier.
Subject: Spatial Planning\Environmental Assessment
Keywords: Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Öresund Bridge, decision-making, good practice criteria, rationality
Note: Published by Nordregio under the title "Planning for Sustainable Development - the practice and potential of Environmental Assessment. Report R2004:2. Editors Tuija Hilding-Rydevik and Ásdis Hlökk Theodórsdóttir. Report (4Mb!) can be downloaded: