The Shift from Geopolitics to Geoeconomics and the Failure of our Modern Social Sciences

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Author(s): Klaus Solberg Søilen
Title: The Shift from Geopolitics to Geoeconomics and the Failure of our Modern Social Sciences
Conference name: TELOS Conference - From Lifeworld to Biopolitics: Empire in the Age of Obama
Year: 2010
Publisher: The Telos Institute
City: New York
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: School of Management (Sektionen för management)
School of Management S- 371 79 Karlskrona
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Language: English
Abstract: Geoeconomics is gradually replacing the importance of Geopolitics. The transition is marked by the start of the process we call Globalization , about two decades old now, but still in its infancy, when government and government institutions discovered that they no longer were self-evident key actors and watchmen of world events . The process is an effect of the end of the Cold War and marks a strategic shift from political ideologies to economic realities.

For decades fellow economists have praised the value of public and private borrowing, the production of services at the expense of the production of goods and they have underestimated the importance of trade surpluses for the Competitive Advantage of Nations. They have done so because they have failed to see what makes a nation, a region or a city wealthy in the long run. We have developed a social science paradigm at our universities which have undermined our own development. At the same time we have disregarded much of the tradition for critical thinking, as implied in Critical Theory but more fundamentally as understood for centuries

The study of all living organisms is now studied with the use of Evolutionary Theory; except for the study of Man. We must start to ask ourselves why. Why should the Social Sciences be any different than Zoology in this respect, unless we say that Man stands outside of biology?
Subject: Economics\Macro Economics
Business Administration\International Business
Keywords: Economics, Evolutionary Economics, Social Science methodology, Geoeconomics