Detection of Moving Targets by Focusing in UWB SAR—Theory and Experimental Results

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Author(s): Viet Thuy Vu, Thomas Sjögren, Mats Pettersson, Anders Gustavsson, Lars Ulander
Title: Detection of Moving Targets by Focusing in UWB SAR—Theory and Experimental Results
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Year: 2010
Volume: 48
Issue: 10
Pagination: 3799 - 3815
ISSN: 0196-2892
Publisher: IEEE
ISI number: 000283349400019
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Language: English
Abstract: Moving-target detection in ultrawideband (UWB) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is associated with long integration time and must accommodate azimuth focusing for reliable detection. This paper presents the theory on detection of moving targets by focusing and experimental results on single-channel SAR data aimed at evaluating the detection performance. The results with respect to both simulated and real data show that the ability to detect moving targets increases significantly when applying the proposed detection technique. The improvement in signal-to-clutter noise ratio, which is a basic requisite for evaluating the performance, reaches approximately 20 dB, using only single-channel SAR data. This gain will be preserved for the case of multichannel SAR data. The reference system for this study is the airborne UWB low-frequency SAR Coherent All RAdio BAnd Sensing II.
Subject: Signal Processing\Radar and Sonar
Signal Processing\General
Keywords: Coherent All RAdio BAnd Sensing (CARABAS)-II, detection, fast backprojection, fast factorized backprojection (FFBP), moving target, multichannel, single channel, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), ultrawideband (UWB), UWB chirp scaling (UCS).